Monday, May 04, 2009

Fall Auditions 2009

Here is the date:

Sunday, August 16 beginning at

4:00 for men
5:30 for women
8:00 callbacks if needed

We'll use #308 and #312 (theory room).


Batman! Dun-nuh-nuh-nuh! said...


that totally doesn't
fit around my schedule...
i def think the following
Sunday would be better for me.

i have plans to lay around and sleep that day, maybe a pit stop
at a nearby Starbucks...but sight-singing is def not on the agenda.
get with it man. :)

-ryan reese.

Jake said...

Dr. Copeland,

I think there's someone oven more sarcastic than me auditioning for the choir next year and I don't think I can handle that...just saying...something has to be done.