Thursday, February 05, 2009

Compiling sessions

I've been working on compiling some recordings for us lately for a possible CD and thought I would share a few here:

So . . . here it is . . . the good, the great, and the occasional oops.

Just added:
Nunc dimittis No. 2 (Miskinis)
Nunc dimittis (Holst) (December 2007)
Ave Maria (Busto)
When I Bring-1 (Miskinis)
When I Sing (Miskinis)
When I Bring-2 (Miskinis)
Mate Saule (Vasks)
Water Night (Eric Whitacre)

February 2009
Little David - Take 1
Little David - Take 2

December 2008:
Weihnachten 1
Weihnachten 2
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen 1
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen 2
Glory be to God 1
Glory be to God 2
Tooma Laulukoor 1
Tooma Laulukoor 2

November 2008:
O sacrum convivium (Miskinis)
O sacrum convivium (Miskinis) take 2
Alleluia (Karai)
Garota de Ipanema (Pereira)
Lobet den Herrn
Lobet den Herrn take 2

April 2007:
Ave Maris Stella - Trond Kverno
Flower of Beauty - John Clements
Si ch’io vorrei morire - Claudio Monteverdi
Rise Up My Love - Healy Willan
Beautiful River - William Hawley

October 2007:
Song of Triumph (Grotenhuis)
Justorum Animae (Stanford)
Regina Coeli (Twardowski)
Silence of Time (Meador)
O Sacrum (Miskinis)

December 2006:
The Three Kings
Ave Maria (Busto)

May 2005:
(not sure what the popping is from this year)
Alleluja (Karai)
Mate Saule
He's Got the Whole World
I Thank You Jesus


Anonymous said...

wow... quite a collection of music indeed... sooooo hows about that choir cd??? still compiling?

Chris Barbee

Mr. Henry said...

This is incredible to look at and listen to. It is a trip through my history at UAB, and exciting to hear the growth and maturation of the group as a whole. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Mr. Henry said...

By the way Dr. Copeland, the chord I was talking to you about in Ave Maris Stella that blows my mind happens right on the 5:00 minute mark...beautiful

Katie Mo said...

Let me know when it's ready!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I agree with Charlie boy above. I felt like I was listening back in time. The first one I listened to was Nunc. I heard the first chord, closed my eyes, and remembered what it was like to be part of the UAB Concert Singers. I have not felt that feeling in such a long time. Congrats to everyone!

Anonymous said...

God, my choir makes some beautiful music.

Matt Nielsen said...

Quick question,

Who did the arrangement of "The Girl from Ipanema" and where can I find it? It's one of my favorite songs and I enjoyed the arrangement very much.