Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Free day

Not much happened! Laundry!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today: Normandy Beaches

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Today we visit the Normandy Beaches. Photos later.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Headed to Caen

Leaving hotel this morning, somehow got it all back in to the suitcases . . . .

Here is Caen

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Concert Singers working hard to win

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Here's the update on how things are going in preparation for the competition:

1. The choir is made up of incredible singers and musicians. They are able to do whatever Dr. Jordan asks and we are achieving very musical results without much effort. I would call it stunning, actually.

2. Dr. Jordan is at the top of his game, pulling sounds out of the choir that I've not seen him do before--it is one of the big reasons I wanted to go on the trip--to work with him again on a musical creation.

3. Our first rehearsal (in Memphis) was absolutely horrible. I didn't think we would achieve any success and had some serious doubts that we would make it past the qualifying rounds. It seems to have served as a wake-up call to everyone, however. In the intervening time between the Memphis rehearsal and departure for the trip, the singers really studied thier music. We began at a much higher level when we started rehearsal in France. Lesson #1: individual responsibility can transform a group.

4. As musical as our rehearsals are, our problem is making it stick. We will arrive at incredible heights during a long rehearsal of a particular work and then seem to forget it when we bring it out the next day. Are we going to be able to remember the things we are learning in time for the competition? I honestly don't know. If any group can win with as few rehearsals as we have had, this one can.

5. What else am I learning? Lots . . . I'll try to blog on that later.

Remember this man?

France 2006 164
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I ran into this gentleman today in Paris. He coordinates rehearsal/performance spaces in the city and helped us find a rehearsal space for this tour. It was good to see someone I recognized, but the performance space he had selected wasn't a good one; we had to leave because it was too small.

Le Sacre Coeur Glorius

France 2006 175
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This Cathedral is probably my favorite landmark in Paris. I have a vivid memory of the first time I saw it and it still strikes me with awe when I see it. At night, the place is lit up and is quite striking against the night sky. I made two trips today to see it; one during the day, one after dinner. There were way too many stairs, but the trip was worth it.

France 2006 159

Leigh and I saw it for the first time together in 1989. I've not been able to recapture the profound amazement I felt the first time I viewed it, but I still remember the feeling. On that evening, it looked like heaven.

Paradise Found

France 2006 149
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My friend Joey and I discovered a Starbucks in Paris . . . . Ahhhhhh.

I don't know why my camera is making my hair look so gray.

France 2006 148

Friday, May 26, 2006

Back in France, Thinking of You

To my choir,

Arrived in France today, thought of you as we rode around the city with Joop.

About to go searching for needed supplies before we sing our first official rehearsal after arriving.

90% sure of this song for next year, and probably this one.

PDF here. Josquin "Regrets san fin"

PDF here. (justorum)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Looks Like I Missed the Dancing

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It looks like disco fever broke out on the ship in NY. Hate I missed it!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Overheard at the choir party:

Male speaker #1: Who wants to take some of this pizza home?
Male speaker #2: I do!

Female speaker #1: No you don't.
Male speaker #2: No I don't.

Male speaker #1: Your well on your way to marital bliss, son.

(uncomfortable look between Male speaker #2 and Female speaker #1)

Toilet Paper Awards 2006

I don't know who comes up with all this stuff . . .

For more fun, flash back to 2005


To the non-choir member reader of this blog: these awards are all inside jokes among the choir. (stating the obvious, I know)

To the choir: if you'd rather your award not be public information, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

The Margaret Hendricks "Anything You Can Sing, I Can Sing Louder Award":
Martin Schulz
David Berg

Kevin A. Beck Straight-Tone Award:
Martin Schulz
David Berg

I Found True Love While Inebbriated:
Whitney Sims

Most Willing to Loan Her SUV to an Uninsured Driver:
Jessica O'Leary

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Gap Underwear Model:
Luke Boone

The “We’re Just Friends” Award
Clay Rector - Charles Henry
Whitney Sims - Ashley Arrington
David Berg - Meredith Foster
Erin Pair - David Berg
Chris Josof - Jackie Roche
Chris Carter - Katie Krause

Suspected of Planning Delia's Demise Award:

Meghan Granlund

Most Likely to Have an Argument over Scripture Interpretation on Their Wedding Night:
Kristina Banks - John Howard

Lauren Davidson Trail of Tears Award:
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck

The "Screw This, I'm Headed to New York" Award:

Chris Carter

Invisible Triangle Award:
Meredith Foster, David Berg, Tommy Nelson

Most Likely to Tangle with Every Girl He Finds Attractive . . . . or Alone:
Chris Carter

Least Likely to Speak in a Choral Rehearsal Setting
Evan Long
Mandy Grenaway

For the soprano In Need of Re-Orientation of the current situation regarding Vocal Fluctuation and Part Obfuscation and Vacillation, the "What the Heck Part Am I Supposed to Sing" award goes to:
Erin Pair

I'm Going to UAB-I'm not going to UAB-I'm Going to UAB-I'm not going to UAB Award:

Katie Krauss

The "I Could Have Kicked that Soprano's @$$" award:

Lindsey Tuller

For her ability to argue a brick wall into submission, the Sandra Day O'Connor needs-to-be-a-lawyer" award:
Rachel Hicks

Most Likely to Use Profound Amounts of Profanity in Her Private Journal Award:
Marybeth Verchot

For Skillful Manipulation of an Automobile in the pursuit of a stationary oak tree, the Car and Driver Award:
Sean Fleischman

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for A Pirate in the Carribean:
Javier Raul Christopher JohnnyDepp Josof

Peaceful Expression - Hidden Aggression Award:

Jackie Roche, Jon Hood

Most In Need of a Nap at Noon:

Tommy Nelson

Delia M. Charest Pretentious Diva Award:
Maggie Hendricks
Lindsey Tuller
David Berg

Most Likely to Show Up On the Stage of the Country Music Awards:
Sarah Green

For Closely Following Dr. Copeland's Advice on Avoiding Life-long Commitment at an Early Age, the "Marriage isn't a cure for Abstinence Award" goes to:

Lindsey Tuller
Clay Rector
Holly Sawardecker - Patrick Williams
Maggie Hendricks - Andrew Granlund
Kristina Banks - John Howard

“Daniel R. Carlisle Memorial Award”

Andy Smith
James Desta
Josh Noland

For His Profound Insight Into Life, Love, and Happiness, the Wandering Philosopher Award :
Keith Kendrick

Most Likely to Realize Submissiveness is the Path to Marital Bliss:
Andrew Granlund

The "Who is Wierder, Him or Her?" Award:
Chris Josof and Katie Movelle

The Personality Transformation Via Manifestation of Suppressed Aggression and Extreme Fatigue Award:
Holly Sawardecker

Most Likely to Date Whitney Sims Next:
Charles Henry

For her ability to navigate locations and performance times the Sir Francis Drake award goes to:
Samantha Pace

Most Likely to Beat You Up, Cuss you Out, and Give you mean Looks While Circling the Roller Derby Rink:
Carlee Jackson

Coulda Woulda Shoulda Award:

Jon Hood and Rachel Hicks
Chris Reid and Erin Pair
Chris Reid and Katie Movelle
Wes Edgar and Holly Sawardecker
Wes Edgar and Mandy Grenaway
Wes Edgar and Chris Reid

Most In Need of an Internet Connection:
Anthony Concepcion

Most in Need of a Cellular Device:
Deidra Brown

Most Likely to Improve Image Because He Has a Goodlooking Girlfriend I mean Fiancee:
Clay Rector

For the Rather Intense Participation in a Late Night Game of Truth or Dare, the "Bus Fever" award goes to:
Andrew Granlund
Maggie Hendricks
David Berg (who denies that he played)
Meghan Granlund
Wes Edgar

Best Use of a Pair of Eyes Mandy Grenaway

"Should Have Gone to New York" Award

Jason Leger

Most Likely to Quote Scripture While Slurring His Speech:

Patrick Williams

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bring softdrinks, chips, sweets


I hope everyone is coming to the party.

I need some help in putting it on. I'll supply pizzas and ice but I want you to help by bringing other things to eat. Don't depend on me, or it will be a pizza only night!

See you tomorrow . . .


Friday, May 19, 2006

Starting time for the party -- 8:00

We have the pool and clubhouse from 8:00- 10:00 on Tuesday, May 23.

Looking forward to it!

Directions (via Google Map) to my neighborhood poolhouse

Interesting News

I've been meaning to tell you for a while: Joop will be one of the bus drivers for my trip to France next week. I had recommended him to Dr. Jordan and I guess he requested him. Shall I communicate your greetings to him? (Joop is the guy that looks like a bus driver in this picture)
And in other birmingham news (a brief departure from choir talk):

1. Birmingham Southern is going through a bit of a campus upheaval over their sports program. Students are marching and having public disagreements with their faculty/administration over the proposed move in athletics from Division I to Division III.

2. Remains were found of an assistant principal yesterday. He's been missing about a year.

Redeemed: James learns how to blog

Thanks for the upgrade in your blog, James, and good luck with that new job.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Begging James to Blog Better

Ok, Mr. Desta.

Time to learn how to blog. More sentences are required. Context is good. It looks like you are writing messages to one person . . . is that how it is done these days?

A sampling of the last several days:

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Let's not mess this up.

Monday, May 15, 2006
So I'm not alone in wanting something I haven't conceived of yet. Makes me feel not crazy. =)

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Things are a little bit confusing for me right now, but they'll even out soon. Either way, though, I really don't know what I want. Too much coffee is a bad idea. Seriously. Don't do it. In other news, there is none. I wish there were, though.

Saturday, May 13, 2006
I can't figure out what it is that's missing. But it is. And it's bugging me.

From our Chicago friends

Wasn't this nice?

I got this picture and email from Timothy Kou:

Hello, Dr. Copeland

I hope life is treating you mercifully this semester-end. I've just finished my finals, and I now have time to actually send that pic I promised. Again, it was such a blast and a blessing to be able to sing at Carnegie under your direction. I was able to keep my focus on you without having to worry about the music as much because of the intensity of our practices, and all of the extra voices around me as a support. Reading your blog, I can tell your group had at least as much fun in NYC as ours did. If you ever find your way to Chicago, let me know. I'd love to chat.

Timothy Kou

P.s. My greetings to Ms. Reynolds as well.

They were a nice bunch of people and I'm glad that they sang with us.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dresses, Folders, Music

To the UAB Concert Choir and Women's Chorale:

All UAB uniforms (dresses and tuxedos), Mozart scores, and black folders need to be turned back in to the music office by Wednesday, May 24th. After that date, a HOLD will be placed on your account and you won't be able to do a variety of things: register for classes, pay for tuition, transfer grades, etc.

Please have your dress/tuxedo cleaned and your name clearly affixed on the outfit/music/folder when you turn it in.

PLEASE, do us all a favor and get your things turned in by Wednesday. We need to do an inventory of all school uniforms. Thanks!

Quotes from the BCC choir

Here are some quotes gathered from last night's rehearsal of the Birmingham Concert Chorale. Don't ask me to explain them all. The first, of course, is my favorite and will definitely find its way into the article.

"It was as if the hall was on stage with us, breathing when we breathed, and sighing a long sigh when we were finished."
--Tom Hart

My mother's dream was for me to perform at Carnegie Hall--she was smiling from heaven--thank you for helping make her and my dream come true!
--Macy Johnson

This was an experience of a lifetime for me, and I couldn't have been with a better group of people to share it all with: Texas Tom thanks to Continental, Times Square @ Midnight, Rehearsals, all the typical tourist spots, Broadway shows, Best of All--performing in Carnegie Hall with a most special group.
--Mona Logger?

"Get your head out of your music . . . we must go to starbucks first." I really had an exhilarating experience, especially climbing Carnegie's steps. Thank you for everything.
--Ella Mae Gale

We loved Corpus Christi.

I felt most humbled that a kid from Cedar Bluff, Alabama was allowed a chance by the Father to perform a Latin mass in Carnegie Hall
--Melissa Lutenbacker

Dr. Copeland, what a pleasure to rehearse under your baton. Even more fulfilling was it to sing for the performance in Carnegie Hall. You truly inspired us to give our utmost to honor God and thrill the audience. Thank you for your excellent musicianship and your kind spirit. You truly draw out the best in musicians!
--Liz Pate

When we first stood on the Carnegie stage, it was such an overwhelming feeling. Thoughts of all the gifted people who have stood in that hall, on that stage, poured over me. We plowed through the dress rehearsal which was over so quickly. Somehow, by concert time, the moment and the stage became ours. With the first chord, we had arrived.
--Melissa Beebe

There were lots of young voices around us--hopefully we learned from them, too, but the apple eaten during a rehearsal remains a highlight. Hearing our voices remain alive in that hall for all of those moments after our cut-off gave me chills. What a place, what a trip!

Quotes . . I need quotes!

Send me some impressions of New York, Carnegie Hall, something!

I'm writing the article, and I need material. A couple of pictures to get you going.

Sleeping Beauty.
newyork 090

Baton as Dagger.

newyork 141

Crowd shot.
newyork 140

Doesn't Erin look fantastic?

newyork 103
Originally uploaded by philipco.
There's a new fire in Erin, it seems.

I want to take a moment to say how much I will miss Erin next year. She has loved the UAB Concert Choir and it has been a wonderful five years.

Some losses are felt more by the director. Erin has been around long enough to know what I'm thinking in choir rehearsal most of the time. She can anticipate a rising frustration; it only takes a look from me to her to confirm what we are both thinking.

Erin is the type of person that will make notes for me without me asking her to do it--she takes charge in handing out dresses--she doesn't shirk away from any responsibility and instead seeks it out--it is the sort of thing I value very much.

In my mind, she joins a special club of students--ones that really had an impact on who we have become (and are becoming). We are better because Erin cared.

Monday, May 15, 2006

a great pic

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A Birmingham Concert Choral person (Bruce Burson) sent me this tonight. Great, huh?

about nyc and CH

From an email tonight:

I thought May 6 would never come. Boarding an airplane for the first time that morning is an experience I will never forget. It was a tiny express jet that one had to duck to get into. Thankfully, I had many friends there with me who were very comforting.

After two planes and a bus, we finally arrived in New York City. That night after walking around Times Square and eating at TGI Friday's, I learned why the city is referred to as "The City that Never Sleeps." How could one sleep with all the honking and yelling in the street below?

Well, the day of our performance finally came. The most memorable moment for me occurred at dress rehearsal that afternoon. As you may recall, we were told no to stop to admire the room until we were in our places in order to avoid a "traffic jam." (Isn't that what New York is famous for?) I got to my place and looked up for the first time. What I felt inside at the moment surpasses all description. I believe it was a combination of wonder, joy, and excitement among other things. The concert hall was breathtaking; my dream had come true. That night, I sang with more energy, strength, and spirit than I have ever sung with before.

The adventure is now over, and I am back home. I am elated that I took so many pictures. Every now and again, I have to take them out to remind myself that it really happened. I was in New York City, and I did sing in Carnegie Hall.

Party: May 23rd

Tell your friends. It's Tuesday, May 23rd from 7-9 p.m.

note: this man teaches sign-language. i'm guessing this is the sign for postpone. Thanks, Google Image Search.

Needed: Carnegie Hall quotes and photos

All who went on the trip . . .

Would you like to have your words immortalized in a UAB magazine mailed to hundreds of people? I'm looking for quotes and photos of the trip.

Of course, the photo to the left wouldn't be appropriate for a big publication, but I wouldn't mind seeing your funny photos either.

Here are examples of quotes like I need:


Party planning


We've been operating under the belief that everyone knew that we were aiming for Tuesday, May 16 for the choir party. Since that doesn't seem to be the case, Charles is calling people to ascertain if May 16 is best or May 23 is best.

We'll make a final call by this evening and announce it via the blog and cell phones.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Slightly updated.

Tentative plans are to have an end of the year choir party at the clubhouse in my neighborhood. I've still got to make sure the space is available but make your plans to be there on:

Tuesday, May 17 May 16

from 7-9 p.m.

Leigh and I will likely supply pizza, you'll need to organize other snacks and drinks. No alcohol allowed, just in case you were wondering.

Determining needs in Paris

I'm headed back over to Paris on 5/25 and I'm busy figuring out what I need to pack. I'm also scoping out other necessary information.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Documenting the NY Experience

There were so many great things about the trip to New York. One of the greatest was that my parents came with me. Although they've been incredible supporters throughout my life, they've never been on a trip like this with me. This was their first trip to NYC and they are planning on doing the Germany trip next year.

We saw three incredible shows: Light in the Piazza, Mama Mia, and Rent. Three nights, three shows . . . and then the Carnegie Hall performance. Two weeks ago I wondered if I'd be able to see anything!

RENT was fabulous. The hit song, Seasons of Love, has been on my mind all day.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes,
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Moments so dear.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights
In cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.

In five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure
A year in the life?

How about love?
How about love?
How about love? Measure in love

Seasons of love. Seasons of love

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes!
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Journeys to plan.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure the life
Of a woman or a man?

In truths that she learned,
Or in times that he cried.
In bridges he burned,
Or the way that she died.

It's time now to sing out,
Tho' the story never ends
Let's celebrate
Remember a year in the life of friends
Remember the love!
Remember the love!
Seasons of love!

Oh you got to got to Remember the love! remember the love,
You Measure in love know that love is a gift from up above Seasons of love.
Share love, give love spread love Measure measure you life in love.

What happened to the soloist . . .

Andrew asks "what happened to the soloist?"

The short story: she skipped a beat.

A longer version: she skipped a beat in the beginning of her most exposed and complicated part.

The full story: Instead of singing a dotted half-note, she sang a half note and began the complicated ascending-descending triplet figures a beat early. There was nothing for the conductor/orchestra to do except "keep it all together" until it was time to bring the choir back in. The choir responded perfectly--they came in confidently and securely. (this was right before the staggered "pecattor" entrance from the choir--a wonderful section). The rest of the performance went off without a hitch.

The moral of the story: superb vocal talent isn't enough. Singers must be able to count and sing the right notes.

A second moral of the story: conductors must anticipate mistakes and keep their cool in the face of the unexpected. Luckily, all those involved kept going on as if nothing had happened.

Could it have caused everything to crash into a horrible mess? Yep. Did it? Nope.

What was I thinking? If only Lindsey were singing the solo . . .. . .

So many to thank . . .

Here are my beginning thoughts on words of thanks to the directors that prepared the chorus for our Carnegie performance. I'll be personalizing the message, but here are my first thoughts.

Dear Director,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your efforts in making our Carnegie Hall Concert a night to remember. In my opinion, the performance was a wonderful culmination of:

1. our efforts at learning the score before arriving in New York
2. A period of intense but fruitful rehearsals together
3. A superb effort on the night of the performance

Everything that I asked for in the moments prior to the concert was present during our performance: percussive consonants, beautiful vowels, focused eyes, passionate singing and incredible attention to detail.

It was more than a privilege to stand in front of the choir, it was the experience of a lifetime. I will never forget the experience we shared; it is already one of the very special memories in my life and I will always consider the evening of May 9, 2006 with pride and honor.

The concert had one flaw, of course, from one of the soloists. The choir, however, was not shaken. They were focused on the music and responded to the challenge like champions. On this night, the “amateurs” outsang the “professionals” in every way: dramatic nuance, beautiful tone, outstanding precision, and beautiful musicality.

My parting word to the choir was “God sings through you tonight.” It may be presumptuous to make such a statement. If it were possible to invoke such an occurrence, however, it happened. On that night, I felt like a servant to both God and Mozart; it was an honor to be the facilitator of both.

Forever indebted to you and your chorus,

Philip L. Copeland

Monday, May 08, 2006

Birmingham @ Carnegie

newyork 022
Originally uploaded by philipco.
Here's a great shot representing several of the groups at Carnegie: South Highland Presbyterian Church, UAB Women's Chorale, and Birmingham Concert Chorale. Love the sign . . . UAB at Carnegie.

Having a great time and the choirs sound incredible!

A link to more.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

NY Rooming as I know it

If you have any questions about rooming, let me know ASAP.

Patrick Williams
Luke Boone
Jason Leger
Anthony Concepcion

Lindsey Tuller
Marybeth Verchot
Katie Movelle
Jessica O'Leary

Wes Edgar
John Howard
David Berg
Charles Henry

G. Gainey
Kristina Banks
Meredith Foster
Crystal Whatley

Melissa Justice
Islara Vasquez
Toni Stewart
Ginger Swan

Rebekah Guthrie
Tina Franks (a.k.a. Tina Tranks)
Genoveva Valle
Patricia Valle

Delia Charest
Erin Pair
Jackie Roche
Sarah Labriola

Chris Carter
Tommy Nelson
Chris Josof
Martin Schulz

Alison Fain
Holly Sawardecker
Elizabeth Perkinss
Christina Felderhoff

Melinda Ewalt
Jasen Ewalt
Linda Pannell

Philip Copeland
Leigh copeland

Marlon Copeland
Charlotte Copeland

Dale Reynolds

Joyce Jennings
Amanda Dixon
Mary Margaret Yielding
Susan Simpson

Peggy McClure

Eleanor Garner
Rosemary Holcomb
Diane Cleveland
Nora Grant

Jan Hill
Amy Dickerson

Maxine Williams
Keith Williams

Ken Hyche
Richard Edwards
Man #3
Man #4

Amazing Grace--the composer speaks

I sent a recording of Amazing Grace to the arranger of the work, Sheena Phillips. Here are her comments:

Philip - I absolutely love your recording of 'Amazing Grace'. It is very exciting when the pace suddenly changes in verse 3, and the last verse is fabulous too. I slightly prefer the first take on the CD you sent - it keeps the momentum a little longer on 'sing God's praise' before the final drawing back but both are wonderful and I'd be delighted to put one on my web site, with full acknowledgment of course. Would the soloist appreciate a mention too? She did a wonderful job. Thank you so much - hearing the piece done this way has made me very happy!


She later added:

Philip - you can add that I am very impressed by the overall sound of the choir: the ensemble is really fantastic, the whole body moving fluidly together, with both subtlety and power. Marvelous.

I gave her Sarah's name and thanked her for her wonderful comments.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AOL blocked my cancellation message

For the record,

AOL blocked my cancellation message to the choir two days ago. Not sure why. So . . . apologies to those who didn't get the message about today's cancelled recording session.

CBS Early Show - Monday Morning in NYC

Guess what . . . .
We've been asked to appear on the CBS morning show on the Monday we are in NYC. We'd be part of the crowd outside the studio and get a little promotional time about the concert the next night. Pretty cool, eh?

Special thanks to Kathleen Drohan of MidAmerica for selecting us--for all the right reasons!

The details:

  1. We would leave the hotel at 7:10 that morning via a BUS
  2. Be on the air for two shots: 8:05 a.m. and 8:35 a.m.
  3. UAB wear would be a great idea--sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.
  4. Markers and paper would be available for signs
  5. There are lots of great places in the area for AFTER the show: Plaza, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Central Park, Trump Tower, Tiffany's, ToysRUs (probably more interesting to me than you)
  6. Weather forecast is looking to be nice, but bring something warm for this little event. Expect 50s. I guess there is always the possibility of rain, but that is not in the forecast.
  7. There won't be any bathroom facility for an hour if you have problems like that in the early hours. If you do, don't sit next to me on the plane.
  8. We won't be singing anything, but we will get a chance to talk about our concert.
  9. They'll have hot chocolate, donuts, and coffee for us at the event. Woohoo!
It's almost here!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

uab in paris

uab in paris
Originally uploaded by philipco.
Delia gives us this wonderful collage.

  • collage--An artwork comprising of portions of various existing images such as from photographs or prints and arranged so that they join, overlap or blend to create a new image.
  • Ole Miss in Competition

    Some of you have asked about the literature we're performing at the competition, so here it is. I think you might recognize a couple.

    Category IV
    Qualifying Round

    Song of Triumph Dale Grotenhuis
    Wonderful World Liebau
    Ride On, King Jesus ---Edward Boatner

    Final Round

    Salmo XLII--Uros Krek
    Ave Maria--Javier Busto
    He’s Got The Whole World--Liebau

    Category I
    Qualifying Round

    a) One piece by a composer of the Renaissance, Baroque or Classical period

    Regretz sans 4 :25 Josquin Des Prez

    b) One piece written after 1900

    Justorum Animae 4 :20 Stanford

    c) One piece chosen freely from any period desired

    Let Me Fly 2 :38 Decormier

    Final Round

    a) One piece written during the XIXth century

    Jauchzet dem Herrn 3 :52 Felix Mendelssohn

    b) One piece written after 1940 by a French composer

    Radiosfer 2 :36 Patrice Bernard

    c) One piece chosen freely from any period desired

    Alleluia 4 :23 Josef Karai

    ACDA Recording Information

    If you are interested in purchasing a recording of our ACDA Southern Division performance, please visit ViaMedia productions. Recordings from the Southern Division 2006 covention can be found here.

    Their contact information:

    ViaMedia Productions, Inc.
    568 Shores Avenue
    Cave Springs, AR 75718
    479-248-7548 - voice
    479-248-1072 - fax

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Getting it straight for next year

    Let me know if I have this right (if you know someone who isn't coming back, tell me in the comments section).


    Graduating and not returning:

    Luke Boone, Chris Carter, Sarah Green, Erin Pair,
    Holly Sawardecker

    Not returning, other reasons:
    Kristina Banks, Meghan Granlund, Carlee Jackson,
    Keith Kendrick, Katie Krauss, Wes Edgar

    Am I forgetting someone? (seems like I counted 8 not returning)

    Here is who I have returning for UAB Concert Choir:
    David Berg, Deidra Brown, Anthony Concepcion, Lauren Davidson,
    Meredith Foster, Sean Fleishman, Andrew Granlund
    Amanda (Mandy) Grenaway, Maggie Hendricks, Rachel Hicks
    John Howard, Chris Josof, Charles Henry, Jon Hood
    Jason Leger, Evan Long, Katie Movelle, Thomas Nelson
    Jessica O'Leary, Samantha Pace, Clay Rector, Chris Reid
    Jackie Roche, Martin Schulz, Whitney Sims, Lindsey Tuller
    Marybeth Verchot, Patrick Williams

    Wednesday Recording Cancelled


    I think we've got all we are going to get this year. Wednesday recording session cancelled. Plan on recording more often next year!

    Florilege 2006

    Here are the choirs competing for the 2006 competition. Flyer is here. I think most of you know, I'll be joining Dr. Jordan as 2nd Tenor again for this shot at the competiton.



    DET NY KAMMERKOR / dir: Anders GADEN






    ENSEMBLE 96 / dir: Oystein FEVANG


    OZARENIE / dir: Olga BUKOVA



    OREYA / dir: Alexander VATSEK

    CLASSIC CHORUS / dir: Grigoriy LIOZNOV