Friday, July 01, 2005

Single Most Incredible Moment

This is a "blog series" of journal entries that the choir wrote about the France trip on the way home from Atlanta to Birmingham. I found them to be wonderfully written and some quite profound. Over the next couple of days I'm going to post them here to share with the world. We had an incredible experience in France and these words will remind us of our time together.

Katie Movelle:

Singing in Notre Dame was the singularly most incredible moment of my life. The stained glass and stone angels behind Dr. Copeland’s head as we performed made God’s presence so much more real. When I returned to Notre Dame later in the week, I realized how priviledged we were to have seen the back rooms and basements of the ancient cathedral.

Traipsing around Paris armed only with four semesters of mediocre French classes leaves room for unforeseen adventure. My favorite dining event was on the way to Sacre’ Couer. We stopped in LeBazaar CafĂ© and had the most convoluted conversation while trying to order two pizzas from a man who only spoke French and Spanish. Luckily, we were all patient and good-humored!

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