Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looking ahead

For you eager beavers:

ACDA Probable Program:

Dziedot dzimu (score) (mp3) (info)

Auringon Noustessa (itunes link) look here - sign up required

Haec dies - William Byrd (score) (itunes link)

Regina Caeli - cecilia mcdowall (itunes link)

Death may dissolve me - Mantyjarvi - info

Esti dal - Kodaly (itunes link)

Nunc dimmitis - Miskinis (mp3)


Anonymous said...

Oooooh maaaaan! This line up is going to be siiiiiiiiiiick!!

...Can we stomp our feet and shake our heads during Regina Caeli?

Thanks a ton for putting this up. Loads and Loads of help!

Chris Barbee

Philip L. Copeland said...

I need interpretation for Barbee. Does he like it or not?

Ryan said...


yeah C Money,
he loves it.

sick:(courtesy of UrbanDictionary)
1)crazy, cool, interesting, new
2)A secondary word for awesome
3)something a lot of people are using to describe something in a positive manner.

thanks for the post,
it's going to be a bomb a**(see UrbanDictionary) set!

Yeah! :)

Anonymous said...

For shizzle nizzle our choirizzle is gonna bizzle sizzle gizzle forizzle

... And since when is he calling me by my last name... Geeze that's weird...

Chris Barbee

Nicholaus said...


Anonymous said...


Chris Barbee

Sadie said...

i dunno... he could be calling you chad.

I'm excited! :D this is totally the thing to cure choir withdrawal.

Sadie said...

wait... isn't Dziedot the one we did standing in the balcony at Alys?

Harry Miree said...

Nunc is going to jam out.

Anonymous said...

Nunc has always been my favorite!!! I am so glad you are bringing this back! I can't wait to hear it!!!

~Jenny Rebecca Smith

Sarah H said...

what year's recordings are dziedot and nunc?

Sadie said...

it'd have to be either fall 2006 or spring 2007 (woot freshman year! :D)

i think we did nunc the whole year, but dziedot was a christmas time one... i think. (if you can't tell, i'm not too sure on that)

Sami Ashley said...

We did Nunc my freshman year (2007-2008) and it was and still is most definitely my favorite!! I LOVE that piece and with our increasingly stronger bass section the beginning is going to be hauntingly beautiful (and hopefully a bit more stable than when we sang it my freshman year :) )