Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Hard Line


With the huge year that lies ahead of us, I will be pulling a hard line when it comes to absences at the early rehearsals - and by that I mean the Saturday rehearsals in the first six weeks of school.

Our huge year includes:
1. a concert on Sept. 11 for choral music educators
2. fundraising concerts for the France trip
3. an ACDA regional convention appearance
4. an international choral competition

I have given you dates more than five weeks before the start of class. That is time for you to re-arrange conflicts that appear - now - as our complicated lives come into focus for the fall semester. It's time for you to work out job responsibilities, family responsibilities, and fun trips to the beach or concerts out of state.

If you want to be a part of the fabulous year that we have planned, you need to work out your calendar conflicts with the choir schedule - especially early in the year. I am, and will always be, sensitive to important events that occasionally conflict with what I have planned. But don't count on a successful negotiation.


Lori said...

will all Saturday rehearsals fall from 9a-12p?

Anonymous said...

could you post a potential rep list, so that we can get an idea of what we'll be doing and get
a jumpstart on learning somethings?

-- ryan.

Bianca said...

Thanks a bunch Dr. Copes..........I would like to see rep too so I can start doing what I do best and find them on youtube.

Anonymous said...


And can I second Ryan's motion to let us know what we'll be singing early on so we can starting looking at it and listening to the pieces if we can find them? It might help speed up the learning process.

Chris Barbee

Britt said...

May I just say that I'm almost unbearably excited about the upcoming year. I feel a little weird commenting, though, being a new chick and all, so I'll just leave it at that.