Saturday, July 30, 2005

On the subject of marraige . . .

Dr. Jeff Reynolds married Laura Stone Adams today.

It was a lovely wedding and featured some wonderful music by some of our UAB faculty members. Unfortunately, I missed two of the things I really wanted to hear: a duet by Dr. Paul and Darla Mosteller and Dr. Kasman playing an Liszt arrangement of Schumann's Widmung. (Leigh told me that I should have left earlier!)

I did get to hear Dr. Candalaria play several works for trumpet and organ. He, as always, was fantastic.

I wanted to share the words of a solo that Dr. David Brunner composed for the event. It was sung by Dr. William Bugg, a well known voice professor on the Samford faculty.

The Bliss of With

You have come to me out of antiquities
We have loved one another for generations
We have loved one another for centuries

You teach me to trust the voice of my voices
You teach me to believe my own believings
You touch the palpability of my possibilities

Togehter we reflect what our mirrors conceal
Together we upgrade the sun in our meridians
We remain open night and day to transcendence

Your are incompletely disguised as a mortal
You are the eternal stranger I have always known
I saw your wings this morning
I saw your wings this morning
--James Broughton

Sarah and Erin performed much of the catering duties at the event. They were lovely and personified grace under some duress.

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