Tuesday, May 02, 2006

uab in paris

uab in paris
Originally uploaded by philipco.
Delia gives us this wonderful collage.

  • collage--An artwork comprising of portions of various existing images such as from photographs or prints and arranged so that they join, overlap or blend to create a new image.

    Anonymous said...

    Umm...okay then.
    So is Delia calling us the
    UAB Concert Collage now?

    Okay... that might be lame ...just might be...

    off subject.. Dr. C, i think I found a new (well, to me) Techno-toy for you.
    Check it out!

    Raul V said...

    Yeah... Delia definitely has nothing better to do than make a collage. Great job... loser

    charles84 said...

    Whatever jerry, i thought that collage was awesome....I even helped make it, taking the arch picture under the eiffel tower, you're just jealous you didn't go...WAAhahaha