Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Toilet Paper Awards 2006

I don't know who comes up with all this stuff . . .

For more fun, flash back to 2005


To the non-choir member reader of this blog: these awards are all inside jokes among the choir. (stating the obvious, I know)

To the choir: if you'd rather your award not be public information, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

The Margaret Hendricks "Anything You Can Sing, I Can Sing Louder Award":
Martin Schulz
David Berg

Kevin A. Beck Straight-Tone Award:
Martin Schulz
David Berg

I Found True Love While Inebbriated:
Whitney Sims

Most Willing to Loan Her SUV to an Uninsured Driver:
Jessica O'Leary

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Gap Underwear Model:
Luke Boone

The “We’re Just Friends” Award
Clay Rector - Charles Henry
Whitney Sims - Ashley Arrington
David Berg - Meredith Foster
Erin Pair - David Berg
Chris Josof - Jackie Roche
Chris Carter - Katie Krause

Suspected of Planning Delia's Demise Award:

Meghan Granlund

Most Likely to Have an Argument over Scripture Interpretation on Their Wedding Night:
Kristina Banks - John Howard

Lauren Davidson Trail of Tears Award:
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck

The "Screw This, I'm Headed to New York" Award:

Chris Carter

Invisible Triangle Award:
Meredith Foster, David Berg, Tommy Nelson

Most Likely to Tangle with Every Girl He Finds Attractive . . . . or Alone:
Chris Carter

Least Likely to Speak in a Choral Rehearsal Setting
Evan Long
Mandy Grenaway

For the soprano In Need of Re-Orientation of the current situation regarding Vocal Fluctuation and Part Obfuscation and Vacillation, the "What the Heck Part Am I Supposed to Sing" award goes to:
Erin Pair

I'm Going to UAB-I'm not going to UAB-I'm Going to UAB-I'm not going to UAB Award:

Katie Krauss

The "I Could Have Kicked that Soprano's @$$" award:

Lindsey Tuller

For her ability to argue a brick wall into submission, the Sandra Day O'Connor needs-to-be-a-lawyer" award:
Rachel Hicks

Most Likely to Use Profound Amounts of Profanity in Her Private Journal Award:
Marybeth Verchot

For Skillful Manipulation of an Automobile in the pursuit of a stationary oak tree, the Car and Driver Award:
Sean Fleischman

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for A Pirate in the Carribean:
Javier Raul Christopher JohnnyDepp Josof

Peaceful Expression - Hidden Aggression Award:

Jackie Roche, Jon Hood

Most In Need of a Nap at Noon:

Tommy Nelson

Delia M. Charest Pretentious Diva Award:
Maggie Hendricks
Lindsey Tuller
David Berg

Most Likely to Show Up On the Stage of the Country Music Awards:
Sarah Green

For Closely Following Dr. Copeland's Advice on Avoiding Life-long Commitment at an Early Age, the "Marriage isn't a cure for Abstinence Award" goes to:

Lindsey Tuller
Clay Rector
Holly Sawardecker - Patrick Williams
Maggie Hendricks - Andrew Granlund
Kristina Banks - John Howard

“Daniel R. Carlisle Memorial Award”

Andy Smith
James Desta
Josh Noland

For His Profound Insight Into Life, Love, and Happiness, the Wandering Philosopher Award :
Keith Kendrick

Most Likely to Realize Submissiveness is the Path to Marital Bliss:
Andrew Granlund

The "Who is Wierder, Him or Her?" Award:
Chris Josof and Katie Movelle

The Personality Transformation Via Manifestation of Suppressed Aggression and Extreme Fatigue Award:
Holly Sawardecker

Most Likely to Date Whitney Sims Next:
Charles Henry

For her ability to navigate locations and performance times the Sir Francis Drake award goes to:
Samantha Pace

Most Likely to Beat You Up, Cuss you Out, and Give you mean Looks While Circling the Roller Derby Rink:
Carlee Jackson

Coulda Woulda Shoulda Award:

Jon Hood and Rachel Hicks
Chris Reid and Erin Pair
Chris Reid and Katie Movelle
Wes Edgar and Holly Sawardecker
Wes Edgar and Mandy Grenaway
Wes Edgar and Chris Reid

Most In Need of an Internet Connection:
Anthony Concepcion

Most in Need of a Cellular Device:
Deidra Brown

Most Likely to Improve Image Because He Has a Goodlooking Girlfriend I mean Fiancee:
Clay Rector

For the Rather Intense Participation in a Late Night Game of Truth or Dare, the "Bus Fever" award goes to:
Andrew Granlund
Maggie Hendricks
David Berg (who denies that he played)
Meghan Granlund
Wes Edgar

Best Use of a Pair of Eyes Mandy Grenaway

"Should Have Gone to New York" Award

Jason Leger

Most Likely to Quote Scripture While Slurring His Speech:

Patrick Williams


Katie Mo said...

I'm weirder! end of argument!

sorry I couldn't make it. I was having SO much more fun volunteering to work the desk Saturday MORNING from 4-9.

Keith said...

It was great to see all of you again tonight at the party (late as I was) and because I feel the need to say it one last time, and because I may never see many of you again . . . It was truly a pleasure and honor to sing with you, travel with you, and stand with you on stage these past couple of years. My hospitality and time are always yours should you ever ask. I wish all of you the greatest happiness and success in life. You are a great group of people and a great part of my college memories.

Marybeth Verchot said...

Keith, I hope we stay friends for a long time. We'll miss you like whoa in choir, though.

I wish everybody could have been there to actually hear their awards. -.-

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I hate that I missed the party yesterday. I had to have a tooth pulled, and I was so drugged up I could barely stay awake the whole day. Percocet is now my new best friend.
I think I will marry my pharmacist (in honor of all the random marriages in choir).

THANKS to all for voting me Most in need of a Cellular Device. I would like to thank TMobile for blackballing me with all other cell companies, my paresnts and friends for all the pre-9pm calls that drove my bills into the thousands, my job for not paying me enough.... just thank you to all


Lauren Davidson said...

WOW... you went there...guess you didn't learn anything from last year

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do need a nap... then maybe next time I won't sleep through the party =(


Chris R. said...

Me and Wes? Who came up with these?

Anonymous said...

"Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Gap Underwear Model:
Luke Boone"

Should be read:

THE Evan Long "Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Gap Underwear Model:
Luke Boone"

If an award has a legacy, its first receiver should be acknowledged. I take no offense to this oversight. =)

Raul V said...


I'm weirder.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the party. I had Jekyll and Hyde rehearsal, but those awards cracked me up. All of em'. hahaha.
-Chris Carter

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Keith said. It was great being in choir with everyone, and honestly that is why i stayed at UAB for as long as i did. Although i will miss the choir, and even Dr. Copeland (Big T), i am leaving to go to MTSU where i belong, majoring in Music Business and taking classes i love. I will miss you guys, and i wish you all well in everything you do!!!

katie krauss