Sunday, May 28, 2006

Concert Singers working hard to win

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Here's the update on how things are going in preparation for the competition:

1. The choir is made up of incredible singers and musicians. They are able to do whatever Dr. Jordan asks and we are achieving very musical results without much effort. I would call it stunning, actually.

2. Dr. Jordan is at the top of his game, pulling sounds out of the choir that I've not seen him do before--it is one of the big reasons I wanted to go on the trip--to work with him again on a musical creation.

3. Our first rehearsal (in Memphis) was absolutely horrible. I didn't think we would achieve any success and had some serious doubts that we would make it past the qualifying rounds. It seems to have served as a wake-up call to everyone, however. In the intervening time between the Memphis rehearsal and departure for the trip, the singers really studied thier music. We began at a much higher level when we started rehearsal in France. Lesson #1: individual responsibility can transform a group.

4. As musical as our rehearsals are, our problem is making it stick. We will arrive at incredible heights during a long rehearsal of a particular work and then seem to forget it when we bring it out the next day. Are we going to be able to remember the things we are learning in time for the competition? I honestly don't know. If any group can win with as few rehearsals as we have had, this one can.

5. What else am I learning? Lots . . . I'll try to blog on that later.

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