Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Quotes . . I need quotes!

Send me some impressions of New York, Carnegie Hall, something!

I'm writing the article, and I need material. A couple of pictures to get you going.

Sleeping Beauty.
newyork 090

Baton as Dagger.

newyork 141

Crowd shot.
newyork 140


Raul V said...

Common club members and... wannabees

Help Copie T out!

Meredith said...


Erin said...

Sarah and I have lots of your quotes if you want them. For me, I thought the best part of singing in Carnegie Hall was looking up and seeing Dr. Copeland with a huge smile on his face because he knew he was conducting, and his choir was singing, in Carnegie Hall!

Philip L. Copeland said...

I think RaulChrisJavier is hurt that I said I was going to miss someone.

Raul V said...

I'll miss making fun of Erin too! (joke)

I'm just hurt that you don't have a post dedicated to me. I think I would make a pretty interesting subject.