Friday, May 19, 2006

Interesting News

I've been meaning to tell you for a while: Joop will be one of the bus drivers for my trip to France next week. I had recommended him to Dr. Jordan and I guess he requested him. Shall I communicate your greetings to him? (Joop is the guy that looks like a bus driver in this picture)
And in other birmingham news (a brief departure from choir talk):

1. Birmingham Southern is going through a bit of a campus upheaval over their sports program. Students are marching and having public disagreements with their faculty/administration over the proposed move in athletics from Division I to Division III.

2. Remains were found of an assistant principal yesterday. He's been missing about a year.


Lauren Davidson said...

Totally tell Joop hello for us! And see if he wants to drive us around Germany next year! haha that would be amazing...when do you go to france again?

Anonymous said...

Re: remains of Administrator found.
This might be a sad note to tell, but the man's remains that they found was an old school friend of my mother and my aunts and uncles. My Uncle took it really hard when he found out. He (my uncle) had just reunited with the guy about a month before he disappeared.

Are't I just full of good news!