Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Quotes from the BCC choir

Here are some quotes gathered from last night's rehearsal of the Birmingham Concert Chorale. Don't ask me to explain them all. The first, of course, is my favorite and will definitely find its way into the article.

"It was as if the hall was on stage with us, breathing when we breathed, and sighing a long sigh when we were finished."
--Tom Hart

My mother's dream was for me to perform at Carnegie Hall--she was smiling from heaven--thank you for helping make her and my dream come true!
--Macy Johnson

This was an experience of a lifetime for me, and I couldn't have been with a better group of people to share it all with: Texas Tom thanks to Continental, Times Square @ Midnight, Rehearsals, all the typical tourist spots, Broadway shows, Best of All--performing in Carnegie Hall with a most special group.
--Mona Logger?

"Get your head out of your music . . . we must go to starbucks first." I really had an exhilarating experience, especially climbing Carnegie's steps. Thank you for everything.
--Ella Mae Gale

We loved Corpus Christi.

I felt most humbled that a kid from Cedar Bluff, Alabama was allowed a chance by the Father to perform a Latin mass in Carnegie Hall
--Melissa Lutenbacker

Dr. Copeland, what a pleasure to rehearse under your baton. Even more fulfilling was it to sing for the performance in Carnegie Hall. You truly inspired us to give our utmost to honor God and thrill the audience. Thank you for your excellent musicianship and your kind spirit. You truly draw out the best in musicians!
--Liz Pate

When we first stood on the Carnegie stage, it was such an overwhelming feeling. Thoughts of all the gifted people who have stood in that hall, on that stage, poured over me. We plowed through the dress rehearsal which was over so quickly. Somehow, by concert time, the moment and the stage became ours. With the first chord, we had arrived.
--Melissa Beebe

There were lots of young voices around us--hopefully we learned from them, too, but the apple eaten during a rehearsal remains a highlight. Hearing our voices remain alive in that hall for all of those moments after our cut-off gave me chills. What a place, what a trip!

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