Thursday, May 04, 2006

Amazing Grace--the composer speaks

I sent a recording of Amazing Grace to the arranger of the work, Sheena Phillips. Here are her comments:

Philip - I absolutely love your recording of 'Amazing Grace'. It is very exciting when the pace suddenly changes in verse 3, and the last verse is fabulous too. I slightly prefer the first take on the CD you sent - it keeps the momentum a little longer on 'sing God's praise' before the final drawing back but both are wonderful and I'd be delighted to put one on my web site, with full acknowledgment of course. Would the soloist appreciate a mention too? She did a wonderful job. Thank you so much - hearing the piece done this way has made me very happy!


She later added:

Philip - you can add that I am very impressed by the overall sound of the choir: the ensemble is really fantastic, the whole body moving fluidly together, with both subtlety and power. Marvelous.

I gave her Sarah's name and thanked her for her wonderful comments.

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