Thursday, May 04, 2006

NY Rooming as I know it

If you have any questions about rooming, let me know ASAP.

Patrick Williams
Luke Boone
Jason Leger
Anthony Concepcion

Lindsey Tuller
Marybeth Verchot
Katie Movelle
Jessica O'Leary

Wes Edgar
John Howard
David Berg
Charles Henry

G. Gainey
Kristina Banks
Meredith Foster
Crystal Whatley

Melissa Justice
Islara Vasquez
Toni Stewart
Ginger Swan

Rebekah Guthrie
Tina Franks (a.k.a. Tina Tranks)
Genoveva Valle
Patricia Valle

Delia Charest
Erin Pair
Jackie Roche
Sarah Labriola

Chris Carter
Tommy Nelson
Chris Josof
Martin Schulz

Alison Fain
Holly Sawardecker
Elizabeth Perkinss
Christina Felderhoff

Melinda Ewalt
Jasen Ewalt
Linda Pannell

Philip Copeland
Leigh copeland

Marlon Copeland
Charlotte Copeland

Dale Reynolds

Joyce Jennings
Amanda Dixon
Mary Margaret Yielding
Susan Simpson

Peggy McClure

Eleanor Garner
Rosemary Holcomb
Diane Cleveland
Nora Grant

Jan Hill
Amy Dickerson

Maxine Williams
Keith Williams

Ken Hyche
Richard Edwards
Man #3
Man #4


Anonymous said...

I specifically remember requesting to room with Man #3 and Man #4. You don't ever get anything right Dr. Copeland, ugh.
-Chris C. ;p

Holly Jean said...

Can you tell me who my roommates are? I mean, what choirs they're from?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous BCC member....I can't wait for this trip!!

Meredith said...

do we need to dress up for the cruise night?

Philip L. Copeland said...

You'll still be in your singing outfit.

Katie Mo said...

and to that, Dr Copeland, I say: ewww.

Raul V said...

hhmmm cruise in my choir outfit... thats what i did in highschool!

sounds amazing

Anonymous said...

$40 says Chris and Sarah get into it.

Anonymous said...

Somebody owes me $40. They forgot the power of a good beer. hahahah.