Monday, May 01, 2006

Getting it straight for next year

Let me know if I have this right (if you know someone who isn't coming back, tell me in the comments section).


Graduating and not returning:

Luke Boone, Chris Carter, Sarah Green, Erin Pair,
Holly Sawardecker

Not returning, other reasons:
Kristina Banks, Meghan Granlund, Carlee Jackson,
Keith Kendrick, Katie Krauss, Wes Edgar

Am I forgetting someone? (seems like I counted 8 not returning)

Here is who I have returning for UAB Concert Choir:
David Berg, Deidra Brown, Anthony Concepcion, Lauren Davidson,
Meredith Foster, Sean Fleishman, Andrew Granlund
Amanda (Mandy) Grenaway, Maggie Hendricks, Rachel Hicks
John Howard, Chris Josof, Charles Henry, Jon Hood
Jason Leger, Evan Long, Katie Movelle, Thomas Nelson
Jessica O'Leary, Samantha Pace, Clay Rector, Chris Reid
Jackie Roche, Martin Schulz, Whitney Sims, Lindsey Tuller
Marybeth Verchot, Patrick Williams


Desta said...

I think that's everyone.

Philip L. Copeland said...

desta, you need to be returning, you big loser.

Desta said...

If I had the money, I would. Which is why I won't even be starting school again until the Spring Semester of this upcoming school year, and that's if I get like 2 jobs. I got accepted into Bama's musical theatre program, though, and I should be getting an academic scholarship for my ACT 31 and for my audition, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to afford that.

Lauren Davidson said...

returning: Lauren Davidson

Chris R. said...

I don't think Wes is returning.

Raul V said...

im not returning

Raul V said...

ok... that was just rediculous! haha

Luke's Blog said...

I am sad! The only reason I would remain in school is to continue singing with you guys. It's been and honor and excellent fun.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to be new next year?

Clayton said...

next year is going to be awsome. I may not be returning next year. I think copeland is trying to have me killed or brutally mauled for missing two Sundays in a row. :)

Lauren Davidson said...

so is it official that meghan's not going to be here?? i'm sad...