Monday, May 15, 2006

about nyc and CH

From an email tonight:

I thought May 6 would never come. Boarding an airplane for the first time that morning is an experience I will never forget. It was a tiny express jet that one had to duck to get into. Thankfully, I had many friends there with me who were very comforting.

After two planes and a bus, we finally arrived in New York City. That night after walking around Times Square and eating at TGI Friday's, I learned why the city is referred to as "The City that Never Sleeps." How could one sleep with all the honking and yelling in the street below?

Well, the day of our performance finally came. The most memorable moment for me occurred at dress rehearsal that afternoon. As you may recall, we were told no to stop to admire the room until we were in our places in order to avoid a "traffic jam." (Isn't that what New York is famous for?) I got to my place and looked up for the first time. What I felt inside at the moment surpasses all description. I believe it was a combination of wonder, joy, and excitement among other things. The concert hall was breathtaking; my dream had come true. That night, I sang with more energy, strength, and spirit than I have ever sung with before.

The adventure is now over, and I am back home. I am elated that I took so many pictures. Every now and again, I have to take them out to remind myself that it really happened. I was in New York City, and I did sing in Carnegie Hall.

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