Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ole Miss in Competition

Some of you have asked about the literature we're performing at the competition, so here it is. I think you might recognize a couple.

Category IV
Qualifying Round

Song of Triumph Dale Grotenhuis
Wonderful World Liebau
Ride On, King Jesus ---Edward Boatner

Final Round

Salmo XLII--Uros Krek
Ave Maria--Javier Busto
He’s Got The Whole World--Liebau

Category I
Qualifying Round

a) One piece by a composer of the Renaissance, Baroque or Classical period

Regretz sans 4 :25 Josquin Des Prez

b) One piece written after 1900

Justorum Animae 4 :20 Stanford

c) One piece chosen freely from any period desired

Let Me Fly 2 :38 Decormier

Final Round

a) One piece written during the XIXth century

Jauchzet dem Herrn 3 :52 Felix Mendelssohn

b) One piece written after 1940 by a French composer

Radiosfer 2 :36 Patrice Bernard

c) One piece chosen freely from any period desired

Alleluia 4 :23 Josef Karai


Katie Mo said...

a lot of that looks frighteningly familiar

Cosby said...

The truly frightening thing is, after the reunion - I actually know most of those now. We came DAMN close to memorizing Jauchzet (blech!). Radiosfer and Justorum were after my years, but didn't seem that hard. Alleluia is just torture - it'll sound great, but it was torture trying to learn in that short time.

All the complaining aside - you call me up and put Greg and Kerry near me, and we'll do Let Me Fly, Wonderful World, Ride On, and Song of Triumph from memory, cold.

Trish has similar opinions... "Wow, Radiosfer - Alleluia, that's gonna be a bitch! Glad I don't have to memorize that." Wish she didn't have to teach so she could go with ya.

Y'all have fun, y'heah?

Philip L. Copeland said...


It doesn't take long to learn them, does it?

Cosby said...

Given that I added up 14 hours of rehearsal and then the performance on that long weekend - no, not too long, even for that mass of music he shoveled at us. Another day and we'd've been good for Alleluia and Jauchzet, and he would've been working Radiosfer. Two more days and he wouldn't've let us use folders.

It helps to do it daily - it helps more to be surrounded by world-class voices, some of whom know each piece; there were enough younger folks there that I could listen in the first round and learn.

I still wish we could have done "Nunc Dimitis" - remember how that final Amen echoed in Notre Dame? It killed in Tours, too.