Friday, June 10, 2005

2005 Toilet Paper Awards

You asked for them . . . and here they are! (I don't know who comes up with these things)


To the non-choir member reader of this blog: these awards are all inside jokes among the choir. (stating the obvious, I know) To the choir: if you'd rather your award not be public information, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Gap Underwear Model
Evan Long

Hendricks-Webster Dictionary Award
Maggie Hendricks

Anything You Can Sing, I Can Sing Louder
Maggie Hendricks

I Found True Love In the UAB Choir . . . . Twice
Delia Charest

I'm Trustworthy Just . . . . Ask Nick
Charles Henry

Kevin A. Beck Straight-Tone Award
Wes Edgar

Coulda Woulda Shoulda Award . . . What Happens in Paris Stays in Paris, You Dummy
Clay Rector

Most Friendly While Inebriated
******** ********

Least Likely To Tell Her Husband the Whole Story
**** ******

“You Wouldn’t Believe It But I’m Engaged” Award
Lindsey Woolley

Mr. Clean/Dr. Ray Award
David Berg

Don Juan Award
Chris Carter

The Other White Meat Award
Kristina Banks

LuxAurumqueOnlyMySole’ Award
Erin Pair

Je Mon Ivre Des Souvenier . . Hooked Up With Chris His Freshmen Year Award . . . Sarah Labriola

“Yes, I’m a Home Schooled Catholic . . . Bite Me” Award
Leah Hains

I’m obviously attracted to **** but I Stand By My Man Award
***** ******
(Some names have been hidden to protect the health of this blog author)
Megan Ramsey

“I’m Really a Dancer at the Moulin Rouge” Award
Meghan Granlund

Best Interpretation of a French Piece Award
Katie Movelle

“I’m Hot and Five Dollars Richer” Award
Katie Fussel

The M. Hendricks “Tell It Like It Is” Award
Rachel Hicks

The “Wayfarin’ Stranger” Award
Carlee Jackson

For His dramatic demonstration of hurdling abilities, the “Future Olympic Star” Award goes to:
Linc Parrott

For following in his exact footsteps, the “Daniel R. Carlisle Memorial Award” goes to:
Linc Parrott

The Personality Transformation Via Inebriation in a Foreign Land Award:
Josh Noland
Jennifer Scively

"Blazer Glitz and Glamour Beautiful Face" Award
Linc Parrott
**** *****

International Diplomacy
Wes Edgar
Carlee Jackson

“She’s Got the Worst Thing In Her Hair” (sung to the tune of “He’s Got the Whole Thing In His Hands”) Award:
**** *****

The “We’re Just Friends” Award
Anthony and Jessie
Anthony and Lindsey
Jessie and Lindsey
Meghan and David
Katie Movelle and Chris Reid
Charles and Delia (in 2004)
Sarah and Erin

Kevin’s Trail of Tears Award
Maggie Hendricks
Maggie Hendricks
Second Tenor Section of the Salt Lake City Choir

Foreign Legion Award
Waylon Hinkle

The “I’ll Sing Loud When I Have a Solo” Award
Jonathan McNeil

The “Peed in My Pants Like A Crazy Person” Award
Jon Hood

The “Maggie Sarah and I Were Just Talking” Award
Andrew Granlund

Non Persona A Mexicana Award
Holly Sawardecker

The “Dr. Copeland Is OK After All” Award
Deborah Anderson

The “What’s That Bottle In Your Bookbag” Award
Patrick Williams

The Jos. A. Banks Tuxedo Award
Josh Noland
Andrew Granlund

Best Use of Trip T-Shirt
Anthony Concepcione

Most Likely to Make Out In Presence of a Father Figure
Patrick Williams
Holly Sawardecker

Most Likely To Communicate by Grunting
Rebekah Smith


Nick said...

The spirit of UAB is back and it is truly great...toilet paper awards are what makes the end of the year fun...I hope you guys will help Dr. Copeland more next year because these things are great for a laugh...I mean The Trail of Tears award...come on its classic...anyhow those are great and hopefully everyone knows they are just for a good laugh...later

delia said...

hey what about charles's award....

Clayton said...

Copeland Copeland... How little you know of me.

scivley said...

Hey Dr. Copeland! It was very funny, but lets just kept my first award between friends, aight? Thanks a bunch! Hope your summer is going well :)

Kevin Beck said...

Good Stuff!!!! My pictures are posted on my blog:

Katie Mo said...

when did i receive that second award? I don't think you're allowed to add after the speech :oP

Philip L. Copeland said...

I'm not sure why that award wasn't read that night, Katie! It was on the original list. Perhaps I edited as I read it that night. Shall I remove?

Lauren Davidson said...

hey copeland...what happened to my award??

Katie Mo said...

haha, nope. no need to remove, i don't actually care. you guys are all nuts, though! happy birthday to the girls :) sorry I didn't get a card in the mail, I'm such a slacker in the summer!
much <3

Tara said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tara said...

THANKS! :-) It's all good! I hope you are having a GREAT summer! ~*T*~

Deidra B. said...

oh dear GOD!!! I am around people who are way stranger than I am!!! WOW!!! i didn't now such Soap-Operatic things were occuring in my own choir!!!! OH, how my view of you all have changed. iask pardon now for the slight glances and snickers that may result from my reading of this post.