Wednesday, June 15, 2005

An International Event


I got this request today (and I also heard two good singers-baritone and soprano). It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to share what we experienced with others at UAB. Put it on your calendar!

Here is the request:

Dear Dr. Copeland:

Thank you again for agreeing to come speak to the Phi Beta Delta honor society. We have a website where you can read more about us at and under the link Phi Beta Delta.

I have secured Friday, October 14th at 2pm at the Smolian International House for your group. We could easily fit 20+ of your choir without space issues. If it's the full choir let me know and we will re-evaluate the room. If you've never been by the International House, you could take a look. It's at 1600 10th Ave south. When you walk's the great room. What I'm hoping for is that you can highlight your choir experiences with the Florilege Vocal du Tours and any other international endeavors you are pursuing with the Choir and maybe demonstrate a few pieces of your choice. We are greatly looking forward to this. If you have a specific title you would like me to use then please let me know and we will use that for our flyers to advertise the event.

This is what I was thinking for the flyers and brief description:

Dr. Philip Copeland and the UAB Concert Choir
Come join us for the UAB Concert Choir with Dr. Philip Copeland as they demonstrate some of their award winning repertoire and discuss their experience with the Florilege Vocal de Tours competition.

Please let me know if you would like to include anything more. If you need any equipment please also let me know that.


Holly Jean said...

Dr. Copeland! You know I love the international student body. I think this is a great opportunity! Have you heard anything from Martin yet?

Charles said...

sounds cool

Clayton said...

Im in!

Katie Mo said...


Anonymous said...

let's do it

Andrew Granlund

Tara said...