Saturday, February 21, 2009

NATS Congratulations to Jessica and Charles

I heard Jessica and Charles sing in the NATS finals held at Samford University last night. They both represented us very well and came away with awards:

Jessica Johnson, 2nd Place, Freshmen Women
Charles Daniel, 3rd Place, Freshmen Men

I hope more of our students get involved in the NATS competition next year. We've got tons of talent here at UAB and it's time everyone else knew about it.


Harry Miree said...

These kids rocked out. It's true.

Anonymous said...

Yup I was there too and can attest to their awesome concert! Grats on getting to the finals once again!

Jacob W.

StaciDarling said...

Wow. Congrats, guys! I'm so proud of you both. And I miss you like CRAZY!