Saturday, February 07, 2009

email from g. luboff

Dear Ken, dear Philip,

Just wanted you to know that my morning aerobics are being re-instituted! And y'all helped....

This morning I took your recording of 'Little David, Play!' to the stereo with good speakers to played the find out which of the tracks to pick. I am still not sure, but think that Track 1 is a touch 'crisper' especially in the transition to the brassy section. Any input is welcome from either or both of you.

But my email is also about that nobody born by woman can sit still and listen to this track! It rocks and swings and had me going for 4 x 2'25" - a good 9 minute warm up. So from now on you both have contributed substantially to my well-being and JOY! (Don't forget your are dealing with an old big band jazz fan here...- the whole thing reminds me of the annual touring concerts in Stockholm in the 50's with Basie, Ellington, Kenton, MJQ, Dizzie, Miles Ella, Sarah and more. I heard them all, year after year!)

Actually, I can not be the only one to react like this, there must be a new generation for big band swing - which poses two questions:

Ken, do you have any interest in finding other public domain songs and give them the 'big band twist'? I would certainly be interested.

Philip, this would be the given follow up for recordings, since you have now definitely warmed up your choir to this great sound. The bending of the notes is just sweet... good job.

I look forward to seeing you both soon in OKC, but perhaps you two would want to talk for a minute about this before then, to see if you think there is any life in this proposal?

Whatever happens, you have made me a happy girl and, as I said, my morning aerobics are now in full swing. Have a nice weekend and let me know what you think, separately of together!



Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Very cool... Very, very cool.

Chris Barbee

CWD said...

Hi Phillip,
I've lurked on your site for about a year now. I love this arrangement of "Little David". Would you be so kind as to tell me the publisher?
Thank you!
Jane Schaefermeyer and

J. Head said...

I'm honored to know you two! Celebrities in our midst! Coffee sounds good, Cope.