Thursday, January 24, 2008


Check out last year's recording and let me know what you think.



Anonymous said...

Overall, i think we rocked this song out!

Some of the jumps into the women's upper ranges were sloppy, and towards the end it sounded like we were saying slee as opposed to sleep, but we definitely had dracula speak down, and that sustain at the end was bawlin!

i'm really glad you put this up here, Dr Copeland!


Harry Miree said...

Dude! The whole piece went sharp!

Does anybody else think so?

I don't own a piano, but I'll bet if you pit your keyboard's E Flat against the high E Flat in the Sopranos just before the fading "Slee-eep" outro (I don't have a score either, so this is mere speculation as well), then you'll find at least a quarter tone's difference there.

But it was indeed lovely.

Philip L. Copeland said...

Better than flat!

Anonymous said...

umm..sounded kind of unbalanced..a little Soprano heavy in comparison to other recordings of this song performed by other choirs..the men sound wonderful.

Philip L. Copeland said...

Identify thyself, anonymous comment producer!

I don't doubt that it is a bit Soprano heavy . . . I think I was going for that during the recording session.

And . . . we don't have to have the same interpretation as other choirs on any song . . . that's the great thing about music.

G said...

I love the piece and didn't sing it, so I'll comment more on the's gorgeous with the closeness and intimacy of the harmonies. It's an intimate piece anyway, what with the subject matter, I think. I love how it's not in your face, but that you have to think and listen to "get it." The ending where the word "sleep" becomes the breathing of the subject is wonderful and such a beautiful image. I love music that is deep and not so obvious. Love it. I thought it was a beautiful recording of the choir as well.