Sunday, January 11, 2009


You'll never need a page turner again:

See more at AirTurn.


Anonymous said...

psh, that thing is all bulky and ugly and soooo last year... holocrons are the way of the future!!!

Chris Barbee

G said...

I think they only work on the Holodeck, don't they?...

Anonymous said...

not the new ones!! you can carry these around with you ANYWHERE!!!

Chris Barbee

Hugh Sung said...

LOL - maybe i should've taken the computer out of its dock to show off how thin it is ;)
You can see an example of how easy it is to use the AirTurn to turn pages better with this video:

BTW, the AirTurn is compatible with any Mac and/or Windows PC with a USB port. I just happen to use Tablet PC's because i enjoy the ability to write digital ink annotation directly on the screen, but you can purchase low-cost Wacom tablets that can give you similar functions with a regular computer. I've been using computers to read music for 6 years and it's amazing how much easier it becomes to work with your entire music library, particularly contemporary scores with difficult page turns!

Thanks so much for blogging about this! Feel free to send me any questions you may have about the AirTurn!