Sunday, September 06, 2009

Concert in Huntsville

Received a FaceBook invite to this today - might be a great road trip for lovers of Choral Music:

No admission charge; donations gratefully accepted. (There is a charge for the Gorham's Bluff concert.)
Friday, September 25, 2009
7:30pm - 9:00pm
First Presbyterian Church
307 Gates Avenue
Huntsville, AL

Join the Huntsville Master Chorale for this concert of musical compositions about the beauty and enchantment of evening. You will hear contrasting works by famed American composers Morten Lauridsen and Samuel Barber, both of which have set the famous poem by Jame Agee, Sure on this Shining Night. Brahms' Vier Quartette, Opus 92, is based on poems by various poets, all of which touch on the subjects of evening and autumn. Brahms uses piano as an accompanying instrument to bring out the lush harmonies and interesting melodies. There will also be a set of pieces by Mozart, all of the texts taken from the Offices of Vespers and Compline (sung during evening). His Laudate Dominum will feature local soprano Karen Young, and his Regina Coeli will feature local soloists, Karen Young, Shonda Devine, Glenn Humphrey and Michael Beutjer. The latter set is based on songs of dreams, infusing texts and compositions from many different periods and of composers such as Max Reger, Josef Rheinberger, and Benjamin Britten. A set of folk songs concludes the program, two of which were arranged by the famous duo, Robert Shaw and Alice Parker. The final composition, My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night! was arranged by James Mulholland.


Will S said...

Sounds like a great program. I would love to go and will drive.

ryan said...

it does Will.

Cope, make it count towards performance attendance and let's call it a ROADTRIP!?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a legit suggestion Ryan. We could probably get that approved.

Chris Barbee