Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Almighty and Everlasting God`

There is a problem with this video - do you know what it is?

Still - a great model and video.


Harry Miree said...

Yes. Where "F" is written they are singing "Ab".

So every single note is being performed a minor third off.

Nicholaus said...

Well in accordance with Renaissance music this could have been accompanied...however, I agree with Harry...this is MUCH lower than the provided score.

Julie Parsons said...

I may be out of line posting here...being from a different university and all...but this topic is one of those things that makes my musician's heart go all a-flutter and my brain explode (just a little bit).

Many conductors choose to perform sacred English Renaissance pieces transposed up a minor third. There's a bunch of interesting [really long] research about period instruments and their sounding pitch, and a different clef system, but basically A in Jacobean England did not equal A of 2010.