Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome, Brian Kittredge

Welcome, Brian Kittredge, as the Interim Director of Choral Activities at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

You have a great choir to work with and I am sure you will do an outstanding job.

And for the rest of us, a little about Mr. Kittredge:

Brian is a native of Binghamton, New York, but has lived in south Louisiana for the past four years. He is currently a doctoral student in the choral conducting program at LSU. Prior to LSU, Brian taught middle and high school general music, conducted three choirs, and directed the annual musical production at the Louise S. McGehee School in New Orleans. He holds a Bachelors of Music from Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA; and a Masters of Music in Choral Conducting from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. In his spare time, Brian enjoys practicing yoga and attending LSU sporting events. 


Gary Packwood said...

Great musician and friend! Welcome Brian!

reese. ryan said...


Sami Ashley said...

How do you know he practices yoga..... creepy...

Philip L. Copeland said...

Well, Sami, I copied it from the church website that printed the bio that I'm fairly sure he wrote. Just sayin'.

Nicholaus said...

Y'all Brian is a good friend of mine and he is a fantastic musician and person. You are all getting a great conductor and he has expressed to me that he is VERY EXCITED and looking forward to the fall!!

reese. ryan said...

hahahaaha @ Sami.

Cope, you have to stop creepin' on ppl via the internet. lol

& we're all excited about working w/him, Nick.


I just want to make it clear
that Cope, got "just sayin'"
from ME!

...just sayin'

(and now that I'm thinking about it...don't you dare go and use "JANKY" over at SamU) lol

Philip L. Copeland said...


For the record: I got the word "janky" from Ryan - or was it Brian? I got "just sayin" from Nancy.

I doubt I will ever use the word janky. It is so "last year." Just sayin'.

reese. ryan said...



and Nancy MUST have stolen "JUST SAYIN" from me!

i mean, come on!

don't start dissin' janky now!
it has seen us through plenty of sketchy situations!

& don't go get all RATCHET on me, P.Co (you've a new nickname, again)

ratchet, as defined by UrbanDictionary:

1)As an adjective, it describes a person or activity that is out of hand, out of control, or generally whack in some way.

5)Raggedy, dirty, JANKY, or jagged, etc.

14)A nickname for someone you don't like.

21)a person or thing that is considered very whack and lame; can also mean a person who is slightly "hood"

Philip L. Copeland said...

I'm pretty sure Brian Denton made up "janky." Or, at least, made it popular amongst the choir.

reese. ryan said...

(you know what...i'm not gonna let this bother me, bc I know you're trying to get under my skin)

I made janky popular in choir this year. everyone knows this,

and other Alum long before my time had been using it as well...
ie: Anthony Concepcion, Sean Fleischman,

but Brian Denton, sir, did not!
i mean, come on...he's from Mount Olive,, you think they use that word in those parts?

no offense Brian D, lol

Anonymous said...

I'm just sayin'...Nancy

Philip L. Copeland said...

Have you noticed that Ryan always needs to have the last word?

reese. ryan said...

(glares accordingly, in silence)

Leah said...

The new dude stays with us for how long?

Philip L. Copeland said...

Possibility #1: BK stays one year.
Possibility #2: BK wins the permanent job, stays until he leaves.

Leah said...

Question #2
Do we know whether he is auditioning for the spots in the choir or..?

reese. ryan said...

Auditions are Sunday, August 15th!

3p-4:30p for the Men,
4:30p-6p for the Women.

8p for call backs if needed.

Leah, get back on,
you'd know these things if you were! :)

Leah said...

maybe... OR my "friends" can always call me :) YAY Thank you for informing me!