Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday Concert Thoughts . . .

I thought our concert today was excellent and you are to be commended for a tremendous effort. Alabama's teachers were incredibly complimentary of you and it is significant that they rewarded you with a standing ovation. Unless I am mistaken, it was the "immediate" kind of standing ovation and not the kind where people half-heartedly stand to their feet because someone else did.

A few thoughts:

Alleluja: obviously, something happened at the end that noone expected. It's not happened before and we'll fix it before tomorrow!

Ave maris stella: beautiful and haunting. One teacher described it as "angelic" and I agreed.

Praise to the Lord: great. dynamics excellent. diction outstanding.

Nobody Knows: Megan Wicks (Vestavia HS) noted that you had emotion/soul on that one. I thought so too. Nearly everyone commented on Lindsey's beautiful voice. Remind me that we need to be softer on the end of her solo.

See What the End is Going to Be: Everyone loved this one and most thought it was our strongest piece. I thought that we had great dynamics on this one and good diction.

THE GOOD NEWS: Everything gets better after the first concert.
THE BAD NEWS: There is no bad news. So, that's good news, right?


delia said...

i am so impressed at the speed of this last entry...and i agree with copeland there is no bad news...alot of people seemed disappointed with alleluia but yall have to remember that song is verrrry hard and we have only had 9 real we should all feel nothing but proud (while at the same time still working just hard, if not harder) THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME...thank you all...

Anonymous said...

hey Doc and choir
i was totaly proud of the way we sounded today
sure alleluja was a little rough around the edges
but as just about everyone on here has said
it can only get better
clay and lindsay way to go on the solos
and i know we will do great tomorrow...or today
either way we'll do awesome
see you in the morning,

Anonymous said...

so i'm a little late gettin on here, ohh well...
i agree everything went really well, thanks everybody for a great performance saturday. i'm ready to start workin on new music tuesday, i hope everybody else is! by the way clay, feel free to sing me to sleep anytime ;)

Anonymous said...


How about that me singing you to sleep is the SINGLE most homosexual comment you have ever made! I know I am single now and all, and I am pretty attractive... you know Delia is going to be jealous! Anyway, sorry charlie. No song for you, However, if the ladies need some singin to, just let me know!