Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Time Change, Europe, and Good2Great


Good rehearsal yesterday.

Special thanks to Erin, Delia, and Sarah for helping with the outfits.

Some information for you:

Time change: The performance on Saturday, September 11 will begin at 10:00 a.m. and not 9:00 a.m. as previously scheduled. Let's plan on gathering at 9:00 on Saturday morning in the choir room.

Europe trip: I hope to have brochures and information about our planned trip to France next Tuesday, September 14. Get ready!

Remember these determining factors concerning whether we will be an average choir, a very good choir, or a great choir:

1. are you watching me? Scively?
2. are you listening to the instructions/changes/interpretation that i give you in rehearsal and CHANGING WHAT YOU ARE DOING? Sopranos, remember the feeling of meter in Karai Alleluia! It isn't a good use of time if we stop to change something, work it out and practice it, and then the change isn't instituted in the next run through!
3. Look at your music outside of class!

That's it . . . see you in class.


Anonymous said...

i'm not anonymous. i'm francesca. i just didn't want to have to make a user name because that's a pain in the, well anyways. first of all, i think dr. copeland that your tie was nice yesterday. i also think that you shouldn't make jennifer feel bad about not watching you. she is a good person who helps people. you have sworn to run a tighter ship, Capt. von Trapp, but you have also been kinda mean to people this semester. there, i said it. i have noticed you haven't been drinking coffee. could these facts be linked?

Philip L. Copeland said...

My response to Francesca aka Anonymous:
1. More caffeine is always a good idea.
2. I'll be aiming for you next.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this is charles....
anyways, thought i'd give this blog thing some "street credit" by havin a baritone post on here. i'm glad copeland is "getting angry", especially like today when he blew UP on mentero, sorry mentero, but that got me pumped, i'm all about intensity. but yeah, dr. copeland can get kinna crazeh, especially when he gives you the crazy'll know it when you experience it

Anonymous said...

this is menterro....
Wow!! After yesterday I don't think i'll ever touch my face again in my ENTIRE LIFETIME!!!!! :-) I must say I am really enjoying being apart of Concer Choir. It's gonna be a great year. And now that i've learned what NOT to do(haha)i hope to continue learning from tha great dr.copeland and get to know all of you on a personal level.

scivley said...

thank you fran! hmmm yeah, i really did zone out for a second there. bad habbit of mine that i REALLY AM working on...