Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cheap date, life experience

They are offering ballroom dancing lessons at my church for very little money.

The details:

Hello....a reminder that we are beginning new dance lessons tomorrow,

Tuesdays, April 3rd, 7-approximately 8:30pm

Beginner waltz
Using the wonderful dance floor and facilities at South Highland Presbyterian Church on corner of Highland Ave South nd 21st Street (use the very back entrance off 13th Ave south..park there)

$3.00 donation at the door No partner required

If you can't make it one week or so, there will be review each time so just come join us when you can....a few weeks of waltz, then swing, then lots of variety to follow..come and bring a friend!

Call for details 933-0790.


Sarah said...

for those kids of you who don't know, Dr. copeland can waltz circles around most of us!!

Anonymous said...

I've taken up dancing myself, and even though I'm horrible it's a lot of fun!!