Monday, March 24, 2008

You were wonderful hosts . . . .

Here's what Amanda Tigue said about visiting our rehearsal the other day:

I really did have an amazing experience the other day. Although I love my choir now, I came back to it today and it just doesn't compare. I told many people about it today because I had such a good time.

Heh, I was actually in my car and I started singing "Little widow.....little widow...of my sin-gle star....". Yeah, I didn't quite memorize any of the German one.haha. I REALLY wish I could just come down and learn those songs with you guys just to get to sing them.

Those songs were amazing, and I was really impressed with all the technique you guys really put in to it. It's refreshing to be in a choir where everyone is really trying their hardest to perform the best they can.

Also, I really appreciate how everyone was very welcoming and willing to help me out. Everyone treated me like I was supposed to be there and not like a stranger. I know how some choirs get kind of territorial if new people come in, but all of the people were very nice.

Not a stranger, but a friend. Way to go, choir. That's what we want others to feel when they visit our rehearsal. Keep it up.


StaciDarling said...

I completely agree :)
My experience was very much the same when I visited.

Anonymous said...

aww... we're nice people... who knew..

Whitney said...

That makes me happy!