Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Considerations: Weigh In!

I'm thinking about the AMEA Concert in January and I'm having these thoughts listed below. Now is your time to weigh in on the decision and I'm not offended at positive/negative feedback on any of it. Just sign your name.

The thoughts:

1. Bring back "With a Lily in Your Hand" (Whitacre). We only performed that piece in Alabama one time, I think. And I'm not satisfied with any recording that we have except for the Spring Concert, and that was not in the best acoustic. And it didn't have a very good beginning.

2. Early part of the program works this way:
First piece: Glory be to God (Rachmaninoff)
Second piece, without a break for applause: Alleluia. Kiyoshi's opening chant solo begins on the same note that the sopranos end the Rachmaninoff.

3. Bring back Shall We Gather at the River. It's a great piece, well known, and I'm not satisfied with the recording. (side note: this isn't the place to criticize recordings)

4. Bring back Silence of Time. One of the best pieces we did last year. December 2007 recording of it here. I think we have a better recording in us and this is always a crowd pleaser.
Potential program:
Glory to God
Lobet den Herrn
O Sacrum
With a Lily
Shall We Gather at the River (Beautiful River)
Silence of Time
Garota de Ipanema

Classes start: Wednesday, January 7
UAB Honor Choir Performance: Saturday, January 17
AMEA Performance: Friday, January 23

Most people will need "Beautiful River" and some will need "With a Lily" and "Silence of Time". Check your email.


Jake Richey said...

This sounds like a killer program!!! I'm excited either way, but hopefully we'll get to do this one. dang...

Harry Miree said...

Bring back those old tunes. I'm all about 'em. They blow minds.

So now that you have my approval, it's official.

Harry Miree

StaciDarling said...

Sounds like a great program to me.. love all of that music.

Anonymous said...

Sweet mother of god. Please bring back with a lily. That would be OUTSTANDING. Also, the other two songs sound fantastic, I really like silence of time... Anyway, that's a pretty epic potential program you've got going there. I might fall out on stage.

Chris Barbee

EB said...

with a lily was amazing and everyone sounded incredible on the silence of time. i say bring them back

MadBon said...


I'm super excited. I loved singing Lily and Silence. I really want to do them again. And River sounds lovely.

Patrick Edwards said...

Love it. "Silence" was amazing.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this would be an epic program. But, selfishly, as someone who has been in the choir for over four years this would be a total of two new pieces for the entire year. Again this is my personal situation and I'd like to do some different things. Also all of this will carry over to next spring when we go to France. So we are potentially looking at some of the same music for three years in a row. I think these are things to consider.

Philip L. Copeland said...

It's a great comment, Linc. However, we're only talking about the first three weeks of the semester. The rest of the literature will be new. And you'll not have sung one bit of it before. Promise.

Anonymous said...

i love the old pieces! it will certainly be an epic program... i second Linc's thoughts however, and am anxiously awaiting the new literature, and will be holding you to that primise! But seeing as we have very limited time to learn the music for AMEA, pulling out pieces which a majority of the choir has already learned is definately a wise decision.

~Sami Ashley

Anonymous said...

Well, in that case. Yeah that program sounds great and its something we can totally do. Also, I am anxious to hear the seamless transition from "Glory" to "Alleluia." We rock it'll be great.

Anonymous said...

What happened to I Thank You Jesus? I love Garota, but an Alabama audience almost requires a spiritual.

Anonymous said...

Those songs are so great. I just listened to beautiful river. I forgot how much I loved that song. I can't remember what year we did that one though. When was it?

j hood

Anonymous said...

I also just listened to Beautiful River, and it is probably the most beautiful rendition ever. OH WOW, this is going to be an awesome program!!!! Can't wait to start working!!!!

Charles Daniel