Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A work of art: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Highest recommendation for this movie . . . . very special.

One word thoughts: Inspiring, beautiful, artistic, moving, compelling, understated, southern..

I loved it.

Favorite moments:

1. Sunsets for loved ones.
2. Lightning strikes.
3. Sequence of scenes that begin with Benjamin taking his father to the lake and ending with Daisy performing ballet to "Some enchanted evening . . ."
4. Inspiration to read more F. Scott Fitzgerald, see more of the world, and have the courage to change situations if you don't like the way they are going. (no deep meaning there).

Go see it. Or leave your comments here if you've seen it.

Positive reviews here, here, here, and here.


Whitney said...

Easily the best movie of 2008.

Batman! Dun-nuh-nuh-nuh! said...

it was off the friggin hinges man!
(to save you a trip to urban dictionary...Hinges: awesome, unbelievably good)

def one of the best movies of '08.
7lbs with Will Smith was also very good, check it out if you haven't.
Of course I didn't watch these movies in the theatre, but rather in the comfort of my own home.
(You don't have to sign-up for a membership. Just search for the movie you want & watch it. Only for the lazy, poor &/or cheap individual.)

Doc, is this stealing? hmmm..oh well. Happy New Year!

- ryan reese.

Anonymous said...

man, i almost went to see that the other day... ill definitely have to check it out now

Chris Barbee

MadBon said...

I have to say, that was an incredible movie. If I hadn't been gotten into the theater for free, I would have gladly paid the fortune the Rave wanted for a ticket.

Definitely an extraordinary movie.

G said...

I saw King Fu Panda tonight, however...

Anonymous said...

So, long lost reader of the blog here and so far the only dissenter of this particular posting. Perhaps it was my high expectations for the film or the other films and stage performances with superb acting that I have seen recently, but I was left unfulfilled by this film. Point one: Brad Pitt was likely not the best fit for this role. He tends to have a one-dimensional acting style with very little depth, expression, or understanding of character. He felt flat to me. In addition, as one of the most attractive actors of our time, the audience is compelled to see his physical transformations throughout the work. While some of the costume/computer work was magnificent, the transition to childhood was completely off base. The film should not have ended with such a dramatic change using "real life" characters that did not incorporate the original actor in any way. Point two: It was a slow moving film with a rather dull climax. AND the climax involved a very similar film sequence! Did anyone ever see that movie "The English Patient?" Recognize a certain actress in a freakishly similar role? Odd. Point three: I never felt like Benjamin progressed on any level of maturity. The complex issue surrounding this film was the maturity of a charachter in the midst of a physical opposition. For some reason that never came across for me. I understood his cliche phrasing of living life to the fullest, picking up and starting over when you feel lost, and even letting go when the time comes. I guess the lack of emotion in those sequences just didn't do it for me. Cate Blanchett, however, was amazing in her dancing abilities. She filled her role well. I guess that is all I have to say on the matter.

IF you want to see good film acting, then go see Revolutionary Road. If you want to see incredible stage acting, then go see Equus on Broadway in NYC.


luke boone

Philip L. Copeland said...

Wow. Great to have Luke back. Miss ya, man!

I don't disagree with anything Luke observed here . . . but still felt like the picture was stunning.

Maggie said...

Luke, you said it all for me. Again, I guess I just expected so much more. I fealt like the movie dragged on and on and on and on as if they didn't edit anything out. In fact, thinking on it now, I can't ever remember what the "climax" of the movie was. Even the music fealt like it was in slow motion to me. I have to be in total disagreement with MadBon. I paid for my ticket, and I wanted my money back. I will sum it up this way: F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this as a SHORT story.