Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whitney nails a job - and confuses Google's transcript ability

Whitney is employed! Either that, or she got the dog she wanted!

This is how Google transcribed her message:

hi this is annie i'm calling to let you know in that hi yes yes i got the dog that i wanted to that you called for me about and thank you so much for doing that so i think but probably did have a lot of wait on it is and his assistant because he mentioned that yesterday so i'm totally sided and i'm to lisa price because i really did did not know i did have a great feeling about yesterday and i have a bad feeling better and have a great feeling so i'm super excited about an awful i'm on cloud 9 so i just wanna let you know in give you a big thank you thank you thank you and just call me i'll let you know details hi


Whitney said...

I need to work on my voice messaging abilities...I sound ridiculous!!


G said...

it's all about the consonants...congrats!!