Wednesday, August 26, 2009




Anonymous said...

I can't put how I feel about this on the blog.


Sadie said...

and that, my friends, is why teh interwebs are not anonymous.

so fact-checkers can totally nail lying politicians from their websites.

ryan said...


im embarrassed.

ouch, can we find a way to destroy this footage?

ryan said...

im really embarrassed.

as Antwon Womack himself would say....Antwon Womack is "IGNANT"


Ignant: (courtesy of UrbanDictionary) -
1)The ignorant way of saying ignorant

2)proudly, willfully ignorant. Holding up one's ignorance as a virtue, and using it as rhetorical and moral leverage.

3)Slang for "ignorant".

Anonymous said...

He received 117 votes 7 days after this interview aired on NBC 13.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't want to be scrutinized for lying to all of his supporters?! WHAT?! I'm sorry, but this is another fine example of the type of people who are running or could possibly be running Birmingham and the surrounding areas. And we wonder why the city is in the crapper. This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. He should stop talking to his attorney and just resign. If anyone still wants him to run, they will let him know. Otherwise he should work on getting what he lied about... I'm sorry, I've tried to sensor myself a little for blog purposes, but that may have still been too harsh. Let me sum it up with this.

There is no reason why a man like that, or anyone with similar character, should ever be running ANYTHING. ESPECIALLY A SCHOOLBOARD!

My apologies for getting worked up, but this is getting ridiculous.

Chris Barbee