Monday, October 26, 2009

Seeing things for what they are

I've given lots of time and energy to the "France" question for about a year now.  My personal experience with Paris and the Tours competition as a performer and conductor drives me to want to do it as many times as I can. 

I've looked at the possibility of going in May 2010 and I've come to the decision that it just won't work for us this year.

The primary reason:  we can't go and be the choir we are.  There are too many people who, for whatever reason, can't go.  We can't hope to compete on an international level without a nearly full complement of singers.

I propose this:

We start planning for 2011.  Dates for the festival are May 28 and 29.  Cost will likely be the same as it is now or a little more.

What say ye?


Anonymous said...


I also agree with the idea that it wouldn't be right to go compete without "our choir". Will this be the same competition next year?

Chris Barbee

Lori said...

Everyone was uneasy about it anyway. I think it is a wise decision to not go this time! We know we're a great choir and it's OKAY if we don't go.


Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk said...

I'm in,palval and will be happy to coordinate a multi-media French Art Song course for June 2011, for those who want to stay another month.

Chris Barbee said...


Sadie said...

i'm disappointed. :_(

I completely understand the reasons, and it totally takes the pressure off of the bank account, but at the same time, this means i won't get to compete with the UAB concert choir internationally again... and that is depressing. sad face.

anybody wanna go to New York for gits and shiggles? ^_^

MadBon said...

New York with Sadie!! :D

Anonymous said...

It's just kinda nerve racking for me as a freshman because what if I do not make the top choir next year... I would not get to go. However I do agree with us not being a full choir with everyone.