Friday, January 08, 2010

Os Justi OUT

Got this word last night:


Another choir, Memphis Central HIgh School, has already programmed Os Justi. Is there another Bruckner piece you can add?


So I'm back to the drawing board. Right now I'm thinking we will begin with "Regina Caeli" and I'll start working that up again today.

I'm thinking of several pieces and haven't settled on anything yet.


MadBon said...

:pout: I was looking forward to learning a different part on it.

reese. ryan said...


and no, there is no other Bruckner
piece, that is like the best one!
we should still keep working it,
so that we can get a recording of it.

Chris Barbee said...

We could always turn to Lukaszewski. Preferably Crucem Tuam... Or O Sapienta... Or even the Ave Maria you were talking about. All are equally sick pieces, guaranteed to impress and awe.

Seriously though... let's do one of them...