Friday, March 05, 2010

Found out about the Rendevous

UPDATE: I was originally thinking about the Rendevous as an evening meal for us. However, the place is less than a mile down the street from the Cannon Center, and that is where we will have our morning warm-up as well as our afternoon concert viewing. I'm now thinking that we will travel as a group in the bus to the Rendevous, eat lunch there, and then head back as a group for the afternoon concert session.

Here's what I've discovered -

For us to eat at the Rendevous, it will cost us close to $28 per person.

If we got our number up to 50 (we are at 45 right now) we could move into a buffet style meal.

That price seems a bit steep for college students, it seems to me, so I'm going to continue looking around.

However, I wanted you to weigh in on the matter. The Rendevous is a famous place in Memphis - especially for the "dry ribs."

Here is some more news about the Rendevous.

Get all the latest plans from the Tour Worksheet here.

Tell me about your wishes in the comments.


Lori said...

Whatever you feel is best for us... I'm down.
$28 does seem a bit steep, being that we're getting $50... and it has to last the whole trip... so.
Whatever you decide. AS long as it's GOOD! :)

Lori said...
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