Monday, November 08, 2004

Dr. McCoy speaks about us to others

One of my former students is doing his doctoral work with Dr. McCoy.

I got this email from him today:

Dr. Copeland,

Hey there, just had a meeting with Dr. McCoy and he mentioned that heard a number of groups from Al. this weekend - he said with great enthusiasm that your group was by far the best, and he was very impressed with your work. I am not sure if he mentioned this to you - but I thought that I would pass that along. It's good to know!

It'd be great to see you in L.A. and catch up.

Congratulations and continued success to you,


Isn't that nice to hear?

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Nick said...

Hey Choir, this to me is significant(to quote Dr. Copeland) because Dr. McCoy is the head director in arguably the most prestigious music school in the south at shows me that you are great and being that it is November there is only room to grow...I would also add that this should show you guys that UAB is now a powerful choral program and Dr. Copeland took what was done at one school and made it even better at guys are incredible and I love hearing all the great comments about the music you make from Dr. Copeland...peace yall