Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Who else?

I thought I might round up a few other hidden choir bloggers out there.

It seems that Delia has one here. And with pictures! BTW, Delia, I love black licorice. Or I used to before lowcarb days.

And Charles, well, it seems he had an idea for one with a catchy title: Meditations on a Young Man's Life. But when I clicked the link . . . nothing. Or maybe the meditations are just very private.

I've heard that Erin has one but I've not seen it. Any others?

Update: "Blog" is the number one word of the year. And we were there.


Clayton said...

Charles' blog is found here: http://charles1184.blogspot.com/ just copy and paste. The link you used had a space between charles and 1184. Thats why it didnt work. I have reviewed his blog and Im very impressed. Deep thoughts Charles, deep thoughts.
Carry on!

Edmund Fraker said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.