Monday, November 29, 2004

Tis the semester . . . . to blog . . .

My good friends from the next state over (the ones who voted for Kerry) tell me that they check out my blog from time to time, so I guess it is time to reveal the UAB choir member blogs I follow on a more-frequently-than I admit it basis:

Francesca: Always hilarious, sometimes revealing. F.R. wins the award for most frequent poster, at least from the ones i follow. I am beginning to believe that F.R. has a future in humorous writing if she chooses to follow the path . . . perhaps directing her own movie about her takes on life. I'd pay to see it. I even checked out her sister's blog.

I read more J.S. words than i ever hear her say. She is a close second in posting frequency. November 22 frightened me.

Clay: Also fairly frequent poster. I seem to know alot about some girl named Stephanie that I've never met. I sometimes wonder if Clay will have to delete this blog if he and Stephanie ever break up. To read his words, this one is forever. My advice: make few life entrenching decisions or committments before age 25. Or 30.

Katie: Has blog, does not post much. It looks like she does it about every 21 days, so I'm expecting another on or around December 15. Katie graces us more with her comments to blogville than with actual posts. Thanks, Katie.

Chris: Another one that I learn more about from what he writes than what I hear him speak.

Zach: Has sermon, will preach. Amen.

Sarah: Infrequent poster, always something interesting to say. I'm still trying to draw connections between the AndyGriffith-hardcorechristian-SituationalEthics-MillerHighLife-BoiledCookies post.

Nick: Well . . . he isn't a student here anymore but it seems Nick is still here.

That's all the choir blogs that I know about. Can anyone supply me with others that I'm missing?


Nick said...

hmm...i think i will feel like a part of UAB until everyone i know has graduated...however, on another subject my posts are not as deep as clay's...he tends to be extremely poetic and somewhat "byronic"...mine are usually something from my far the funniest are Francesca because she could make walking from the car to the door into a funny story...and zach always has a blazing word for everyone...ok i think i just repeated everything Dr. Copeland two cents...peace yall...from former singer nick

Katie Mo said...

hey! guess what! haha, I updated about 16 days too early ;)

Katie Mo said...

also, as mentioned in Frannie's blog, Becka Joy's got one... I don't know about anyone else's :)

Clayton said...

Dr. Copeland (and fellow blog-world members),

May I say that your commentary on our blogging lives is hilarious! I must say that the nice side of me hopes a certain X doesnt click on your link. Then again, the other, evil, larger side of me really wants her to click it. By the way, Im not really an emotional guy ... outside of my writing... am I?

Nicks posts are usually reaching and informative. Which I enjoy. I read Fran's the most. She really could be great humor writer. Fran you should use jokes like, "A baby seal walks into a club...". Katie Mo's blog is great. I read it less frequently but It doesnt reveal anything that I dont already know about her personality. Zach's... I live with Zach. My conversations with him are usually welcome sermons packed with Biblical knowlege. I havent checked out Scively's and I just started reading Chris'. My own blog is where I write about things I dont talk about. And I like to keep it on the romantic side to explore another facet of myself. What can I say? Im a deep thinker!

God Bless you all!!!

ps. they club baby seals in the head to kill them for their fur. :)
Sensative? Emotional?

Clayton said...

OH!!! In reference to Nicks comment, "Byronic" means - Don Juan, a leading romantic, dashing, having a dashing personality and love affairs.

Love affairs? Where have I been?

Chris R. said...

I've never had a teacher this insterested in my's kind of weird, but cool, in a weird way.

Francesca said...

Gee whiz. you people sure are nice what with all your generous things to say. as to the frequent posting, you might want to sit down for this, i don't have much of a life. and my job is boring. tra la: a recipe for frequent blogging. before anyone gets really confused, katie mo's post about Beka Joy is a falsehood. i'm not calling katie a liar but the link is to my sister becca's blog not adorable beka "laugh's alot" smith's blog.

Katie Mo said...

HEY FRANNIE. you're right (as it IS your sister, and everything). haha. oh well. Katie is definitely confused.

also, Iwould just like to clarify that certain insinuations that were made by Dr Copeland today in class about me spending any sort of time with a certain tenor are completely untrue. I just to happen to have an alarm clock that doubles as my cell phone and friends that think that no one would possibly be sleeping at TWO THIRTY IN THE MORNING.
okay. point made. i'm done. :o*

Sarah LH said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarah LH said...

oops didnt mean to remove my comment. here's a recap:
i just read francesca's blog for the first time and i concur with the masses: fran is not only highly entertianing in person, but also online. my family got annoyed at my guffawing. brava, rosko.
oh and katiemo, i dont think it was such an awful thing to insinuate. ;)

delia said...

hey so my feelings are hurt...(but whats new) jk...what about my blog, yes i have one too and there is not much whinning!!!!!!!(shock) i warn you thogh it is mostly for my family and is not full of humorous little stories, just boring delia life...later

delia said...

oh yeah and the spelling is atrocious (i had to ask charles how to spell that..hes very useful!)

scivley said...

haha! i was a lil confussed when you were talking about jennifer. i thought, "who's that? who is he talking about?" then i saw the initials. wow. i've been "scivley" or formarly "lil sciv" (in high school) for a looong time. :)