Friday, December 17, 2004

Blog Benefits Choir?

Ok, group. I need input.

I'm preparing a presentation entitled "Simplifying the Conductor's Lifestyle: Making Technology Work for You" to give at the National ACDA Convention and I'm going to spend a portion of the presentation on this blog. I want you to help me brainstorm it's benefits to us this semester. I'll start and you add your own.

1. Gives conductor a way to give feedback to the choir and elicit responses from its members. I thought that concert and performance reviews were important to us this semester. Whether it was congratulating ourselves on a job well done or a way of finding out what went wrong.

2. Builds community--I've gotten to know several of you much better by reading your comments and visiting your own personal blogs. I think that most of you started your own blog after reading this one, except for Francesca, who will soon be writing or doing radio for a living.

3. Rehash rehearsals and frame them in a proper context. Examining what went right or what went wrong in the rehearsal after one has had time to reflect.

4. Communicating praise from others: sharing emails with the choir and others in a public forum.

5. Informational: posting links to possible dress options for the girls, explaining where to get passports, directions to performances.

6. Sometimes, just to share. Some posts have nothing to do with choir. Posts about things to visit in Birmingham, radio shows, funny stories or pictures.

7. Motivational: my efforts to get you excited about long term goals, i.e. France Competition.

8. Gives choir members a meaningful way to interact with the conductor outside of class and away from the bustle of the rehearsal.

9. Online journaling provides a way to document and reference past thoughts and feelings--aspects of the year that will pass from memory without it.

10. Keep in touch with past members. Nick reads this often!

Found this paragraph online:
The range of uses for Weblogs among other educators is wide. Hundreds of librarians have realized their power in communicating information about resources and in starting conversations about books and literacy. Students use Weblogs as digital portfolios or just digital filing cabinets, where they store their work. Teachers use blogs as classroom portals, where they archive handouts, post homework assignments, and field questions virtually. Clubs and activities, sports teams, and parent groups use Weblogs to post scores, meeting minutes, and links to relevant issues and topics. In other words, a Weblog is a dynamic, flexible tool that's easy to use whether you're creating with it or simply viewing the result.

Ok . . . that is a good start.

Can you help?


Nick said...

I dont think I have seen this much blogging since the election...anyhow, great powerpoint...i cant get past slide25 but what I saw so far was for this blog, we alumni(ok me) enjoy hearing what goes on in the choir realm...but also it is a great way to keep lines of communication open all the time...the best example was when you had dresses on here...choir directors could easily post things like that and have people voting on that and other issues...overall I think it is an awesome idea...blogs are cool...ok now that I am done for the semester I am going to peace out...its been a long soon...

Katie Mo said...

HELLO! yes, I definitely enjoy the blogging thing, I think it's a great idea to share with the other directors. I like how we can get through all this information without taking away from rehearsal time... except we usually have to rehash it since there are only the ten of us internet geeks. hahaha. oh well. Merry Christmas! I miss choir!!!

Also I wanted to say that I'm glad the Madrigal Dinner went well, I really wanted to go but couldn't AFFORD IT (HOLY CRAP, SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS!?) and so. Anyway. Love love love. okay bye.

scivley said...

it sounds like you've pretty much got all the bases covered. that should be a good presentation! i did think of one idea... recruitment. i dunno if this would actually work or not but it's a thought. when we visit high schools we ought to distribute some sort of literature with basic information about U.A.B. and about our music program anyways, and it might be a good idea to stick the link to the UAB choirs blog somewhere in there. every choir has a group personallity, if that makes sense. one very big reason our choir is so appealing is the individuals that make it up. there are nothing but great people in the UAB concert choir and i think that is worth saying. students want to go to a college where they feel they'll be accepted upon entering the door. maybe if they read your updates and and our comments they'll sort of get a feel for what kind of a group we are, and hopefully want to join! i dunno, just a thought. hope it helps!

well, merry christmas all! miss you! drive safe and try not to be too busy all break- it is vacation, after all! peace and carrots, scivley

Clayton said...

Dr. Copeland, I do believe that you have all of the basics covered for your presentation. I believe our choir weblog has made a positive impact for this semester. The blog gives us a chance to write what we think on various subjects dealing with choir and life in general. So, you could say that the blogging sphere is a place where we can address exactly the subject we want to in an organized manner. Good luck on the rest of your presentation, I will be thinking of additions and if I come up with one I will share it. Oh, and do you think it would be a good idea to show the presentation in choir next semester? or even just at convocation for music majors. Just a thought!
God bless.