Tuesday, December 28, 2004

First mention on another blog!

I've been on a search for other choir related blogs and found very few. One that I found, is the Fredosphere, managed by composer-musicians Fred Himebaugh. I emailed Fred and asked some blog-related questions.

Besides giving me excellent answers, Fred was kind enough to mention this UAB Choir blog in a posting on December 28. How nice of him!

He told me about two other choir related blogs, the first of which i had not heard of.

It looks as though we have one of the few choir-blogs out there, but I'm still hoping to find a few more:
VHK's Singing
Confessions of a Recovering Choir Director

Some more of his thoughts:
The most fundamental reason I blog is to promote my compositions, so my blog is a composer's blog as well as a choir director/church musician's blog. When I got started, I hoped to be connected to a network of choir bloggers. Like you, I was surprised to find nothing like that exists. Now, my goal is to be connected to the wider arts blogosphere (what Alex Ross -- with an assist from me -- calls the bløgösphère). I decided to write about a wide range of interests, like sci-fi, weird religious art, zeppelins, and anti-popes. Partly, that's just my personality, and partly it's a marketing strategy, based on the idea that a pure choir blog isn't going to get much traffic (at least one written by me).
I really appreciate his comments and look forward to any other insight he has on this medium. It is possible that we (uab choirs) have one of the first blogs of this typein an emerging medium. It is also possible that the blog world is just a flash in the pan. I have a feeling that it is going to be more significant than that, however.

At any rate, I enjoy this experience of keeping in touch with my choir via the blog.

Does anyone read it? I used to think so, but not according to a recent lack of comments!

Nevertheless, I persevere!


Francesca said...

i check it out every day. that's the truth. i just find myself at a loss for witty comments. i'm sorry. sue me.

scivley said...

Me too, me too!
Actually, Mama Sciv checks it out sometimes as well.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered you a few minutes ago. I have several music blogs in my long list but I have found very few choir blogs. You might like A Cappella News and Mixolydian Mode (not specifically a choir blog but very musical)

Reflections in d minor

Chris R. said...

I read it. It's how I get to other choir member's blogs too, because I'm too lazy to bookmark them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. C...it's Lauren D...and yes, this is my first post on the choir blogs...i just wanted to let you know that i check the blog out everyday...well now that i bookmarked it that is...anyways i can't wait to start up again in, what, 3 days? See you soon!

Katie Mo said...

i have been DEPRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the INTERNET AT HOME WAS BROKEN. IT WAS THE WORST THREE DAYS OF MY LIFE. for real though, not really. i had a blast. but i very much miss the internet. i didn't realize how much i rely on it. we couldn't get movie times or ANYTHING. AHHH!!! but anyway. yes i missed this a lot too :( but now I'm BACK IN THE HAM. or something. wooHOO!

Clayton said...

Hey Dr. Copeland,
Mabey it would be a good idea to install a sitemeter counter on your blog. It lets you know who visits you and when they visit you. That way you could keep up with how much traffic your site sees. Just a thought.