Sunday, December 19, 2004

You never know . . .

I found this picture today of my former choir-mate, Shepherd Smith. You might know Shep and you might not--but he is now one of the anchors for Fox News, and hosts a show called the FOX Report w/Shepherd Smith.

When this picture was taken, Shepherd was running late for the return bus trip back to Oxford.

I'm always a bit amazed that I know a guy that is seen by millions of people every night. He was a great guy and a fine bass. He used to be the "holder of the pitch pipe" and always did a good job.

You never know what the person sitting next to you in choir might become.

Knowing what I do about the incredible people we have in choir---I expect tremendous things.


Clayton said...

I watch the Report occasionally! From the picture he looks kinda like a generic choir dork. That gives me hope!!! God bless.

Renee said...

Cool pix. What year was that photo taken?

Ronda said...

Thanks for posting this photo.
I'm one of his younger fans. It's amusing to see a younger Shepard.