Monday, November 27, 2006

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

This came across my desk today:

UAB has the opportunity to nominate two students for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
competition. This year the Foundation will again award 45 to 50 scholarships to outstanding students who will begin graduate studies in fall 2007. Scholars may use the award to attend any accredited graduate school in the US or abroad in pursuit of a graduate degree or professional degree including medicine, law or business.

Scholarship amounts and length will vary by student, depending on the cost of attendance, other scholarship or grants received and the time needed to complete the graduate degree. There is a maximum award per student of $50,000 per year and a maximum length of six years. The award is based on academic achievement, unmet financial need, leadership and public service, critical thinking ability and appreciation for or participation in the arts and humanities.

Since only two students can be nominated to represent UAB, the selection committee would like to have at least one student from each school for consideration. Dr. Philip Way, as the faculty representative, will then make the nomination on behalf of the institution.

To be eligible the student must:
(1) Be enrolled at UAB as a senior who will graduate no later than August 2007 or a
graduate of UAB (since May 2002)
(2) Have at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average in academically rigorous courses
(3) Have an acceptance to a graduate or professional program (by April 2007) for fall 2007

Each student you nominate should complete a packet that includes:
(1) The Application Form and Essay,
(2) A resume (2 pages maximum)
(3) Two evaluations from faculty members in the nominee's field of study or from
individuals who have supervised the student's work,
(4) A copy of college transcripts, and
(5) The appropriate student financial form (only the Applicant Form at this stage)
Students may download the information and application materials from

Completed packets should be submitted to Nelleke Bak, Director of Graduate Fellowships (Academic Programs, Hill University Center, 470G) by Wednesday, January 17.

The two selected nominees will work closely with the Director to finalize their applications due for submission by March 15,2007. This opportunity is one of great potential for our students and for UAB. I appreciate your participation in the process. If you have any questions, please call me at 934-6135 or Nelleke Bak at 934-1 259 (or email

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unrelated but thanks for this info, though I can't use it...

you said we pay witte - will we still be giving you checks to mail or are we mailing individually?