Saturday, November 18, 2006

Say It Isn't So . . . .

MiniVans aren't cool anymore?

And I find this hard to believe:

One reason the minivan segment is falling is that its models, despite more aggressive styling and touches such as leather seats and rear-view cameras, are simply perceived as uncool by many drivers, said Bob Holmes, dean at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's School of Business.


Even longtime minivan drivers acknowledge the vehicle has a low hip factor. April Guin of Liberty Park said her kids joked that their Plymouth Voyager looked "kind of frumpy" when she bought it after having her second child in 1989.

The article closes with great wisdom:

Some minivan drivers say they love the vehicle, despite its unexciting reputation.

Darryl Jenkins of Huffman, who has driven a Chrysler Town & Country for four years, thinks it is the perfect vehicle for families with young children.

"I like the space and the fact that it drives like a car and is easier to handle than a truck," Jenkins said. "Since we have four kids, I love the extra room so I don't see myself trading it in for anything else anytime soon."

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