Sunday, May 13, 2007

Section of the Year

Upon further review,

Section of the Year awards go to the Soprano 1's.

Keisha Prime
Sam Pace
Ashley Arrington
Sadie Mason-Smith
Meredith Foster
Erin Pair

It was a close race between the Sop 1 and Bass 2, but here was the breakdown:

Basses: 16 tardies, 5 ex A’s, 1 unex A
Soprano 1: 10 tardies, 7 ex A’s, 0 unex A’s

Congratulations, women. Let's pick a date soon.


Anonymous said...


mbverch said...

Could you post the toilet paper awards for those who missed the choir party if you get the chance? Pleeease?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

totally saw it coming! :D

and, uh.. what mbv said.


Anonymous said...

also, i think you misspelled keisha's name.


Anonymous said...

linc want recordings

Anonymous said...

agreed... i would like some too

Sarah said...

yeah, um i got an ipod... so send me all you mp3's... k please thanks

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't mind having some recordings!

Anonymous said...

you got em we want em
i mean come on!
what are you doing all summer?
spending time with you wife and children???
only mature adults do that
but seriously
at least post something
let us know yer alive
we miss the Copeland

Anonymous said...

i'll agree. i'm worried too. this is so unlike him.

Anonymous said...

He always talked about how important we were to him. I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling the love

~Jenny Smith, 1st time blogger

Anonymous said...

The blog is over folks -