Saturday, May 12, 2007

You may find this interesting

UAB Students, and students of all persuasions, you may find this blog interesting. It's the end of school from a professor's point of view -- in this case, a music professor who teaches kazoo.

A sampling:

I have warned students all semester that if they do not turn in a final paper, they will NOT pass the upper-division music major course. One student has not done so yet. I held 150 office hours this semester. I had signup sheets on my door during finals week so that I could look over rough drafts. I had students turn in a topic proposal, thesis statement, and bibliography over a month ago. There are NO excuses at this point.

28 hours after the paper was due, a student called to ask when we could meet to look over her paper. I explained that I was no longer holding office hours, as I'd held 150 of them already and was not required to do so during finals, although I'd had a signup sheet for the week. And no, rightnow (her suggestion) was NOT a convenient time to meet, as I was teaching a kazoo lesson and then leaving for a doctor's appointment. I suggested that since the paper went down one full letter grade each day, the student might want to get it turned in PRONTO. She's unable to do so as she's been "too busy."

This student is old enough to know better. Gah.

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