Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'll Love You Forever

I'm sure many of you know it by heart:

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

It was the first book I read to my girls, way back at the beginning. I hadn't read the book before . . . had never heard anything about it . . . and I was in tears at the end.

It happens every time.

And it happened tonight--I struggled through the last few pages trying to disguise the emotion in my voice.

Claire was already asleep, Catherine barely had her eyes open. Caroline, however, listened very closely. She made the connection with the new baby at the end of the story . . . and she made the connection, I think, when I looked at her and told her that she would always be my baby.

She smiled, leaned forward, and gave me a hug . . . and then a sweet kiss.

It was a beautiful end to a perfect day. I hope you all get to taste the sweetness of parenthood . . . there is nothing like it.


Anonymous said...

i still remember mother reading it to me. it's the one she has read to all of us and each of us has our own book. i miss being 4 years old.

thanks for the memory and tear this evening.

Anonymous said...

This is one of our favorites too. It always brings on the "tell me about when I was a baby" conversations big time four year olds love to have. :)


Anonymous said...

The Circle of Life continues. I tear up just thinking about this one. Another great story I shared with my girls. This takes on a whole new meaning when you have aging parents. Enjoy those bed time stories and kisses.
~Mary F

Anonymous said...

that was my moms favorite book to read to me... even though i often faught for Moo Baa La La La- I still have that one memorized :-)

Katie Mo said...

I love that book! I cry when I read the part where he goes across town to carry his mommy up the stairs!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, my dad used to read that to me every night. and every night i cried. i balled. when he held his mother in his arms, it always gets me. i was in barnes and noble the other day, and my friend had never heard of the book. so i told her the story and i started crying the middle of the store. i know i should be able to handle it now, but i can't. oh well. i love that book. i'm glad someone else loves it too.
j hood

Anonymous said...

that was definitely on the Mason-Smith family reading list when my bros and i were little!

though we liked abiyoyo better cause we could sing with it...

this post made me cry.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the Copeland triplets are going to get a little brother and/or sister??? How cool is that!

Philip L. Copeland said...

uhhh . . . nope.

G said...

I had never heard of this book until Taylor-my now huge, six foot 14 year old, was about 3. It was read as a children's story on Mother's Day at the church we were attending. All of us in the congregation were a mess as it was finished. They (both of my boys) love it when I cannot possibly get through it without crying. They look for my tears, and enjoy the love that just plain tumbles down my face every time. It's quite the predictable event. I've given it as a gift ever since to new moms...Having kids is just the bomb...

Anonymous said...

Wow i havent even heard of that back in ages, wow i feel old and im only 17 i read that book when i was so little wow that used to be my favorite book..lmao