Sunday, August 17, 2008

anwering questions

Some are asking me questions. Feel free to email me privately and I'll answer what I can.

Some answers:

1. If you are required to be in two ensembles and I only listed you in one, it will work this way:

Those who made UAB Concert Choir who are required to have two ensembles: I tried to put you in both choral ensembles. If I made a mistake, it's because I was working quickly to get the list up by 7:00. Chris Barbee was one name I left off, Jennifer Thorp was another.

2. How are the choirs different?

We'll work much of that out as we go along. I anticipate answering that question this way:

a. it seems a no-brainer to me to have the Chamber Choir do videogameslive. Read about it here and here.

b. both groups will combine on occasion: Carmina Burana and probably Christmas. Maybe more. Maybe less.

3. Other: The class size for Chamber Choir has a low limit right now and there might be a problem registering. I'll seek to raise that limit tomorrow.